Editorial http://www.cameroon-concord.com Sun, 21 Jul 2019 08:28:54 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Cameroon: Online teaching Methodology to commence in secondary Schools. http://www.cameroon-concord.com/online-teaching-methodology-to-commence-in-cameroon-s-secondary-schools http://www.cameroon-concord.com/online-teaching-methodology-to-commence-in-cameroon-s-secondary-schools Cameroon: Online teaching Methodology to commence in secondary Schools.

The Minister of Secondary Education,  Nalova Lyonga on Wednesday said Cameroon will begin online studies as a teaching method in secondary school to “facilitate learning process.”{loadposition myposition}


She went further and said,“We have a lot of schools that are not built with the right material and methodology. We are looking into the teaching methodology. We want to go digital,” Lyonga said during mid-term evaluation meeting of the 2018-2019 school year held in the capital, Yaounde.

“The more subjects we have online the better, and this is a methodology that shows us how we can actually transform a 45 minutes lesson into 10 minutes by highlighting those very important elements of the lesson,” She added. Cameroon already has a sample of the online teaching platform and teachers are being trained on its usage, she said, adding that the programme will cover about 2,000 secondary schools in the country.

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Francaphone Professor-Uniyao: I prefer to identify with the Fang-speaking people of Gabon than with LES BIAFRAIS(Anglophones). http://www.cameroon-concord.com/francaphone-professor-uniyao-i-prefer-to-identify-with-the-fang-speaking-people-of-gabon-than-with-les-biafrais-anglophones http://www.cameroon-concord.com/francaphone-professor-uniyao-i-prefer-to-identify-with-the-fang-speaking-people-of-gabon-than-with-les-biafrais-anglophones Francaphone Professor-Uniyao:  I prefer to identify with the Fang-speaking people of Gabon than with LES BIAFRAIS(Anglophones).


While at the University of Cameroun, Yaounde, in the early seventies, some of our BETI teachers missed no occasion to call us (Anglophones) LES BIAFRAIS. Even at that level of scholarship! A particular teacher never minced words in asserting that he would naturally prefer to identify with the Fang-speaking people of Gabon and Equatorial Guinea than with LES BIAFRAIS. Probably because there was little social media then to publish such hate rhetoric, such and similar utterances went on unchecked, and grew luxuriantly…{loadposition myposition}


The clan in question became bolder on the advent of the Second Republic in the early eighties. Anglophones were directly and publicly told they didn’t belong here, and that they should go back to their country. As the social media was still not so widespread, the connivance of the government was excusable even if the government only feigned ignorance. The result, though, was that HATE RHETORIC began to grow perpendicularly, with fruitful ramifications.

In the past few years, HATE RHETORIC by the Betis on television and in the social media has become routine and arrogantly open. One is, at times, tempted to wonder aloud if it is all done as a government policy or in the throes of culpable negligence. It is unbelievable that a media approved by the government would call on the army to kill all Anglophones down to the six-month-old, and a responsible government gives it tacit approval just as the notorious communication council under Mr. Peter Esoka looks the other way in impotence!

They have now turned against the Bamilekes, blatantly and outrageously calling for ethnic cleansing against the tribe!!! And again, the government is consistent in its apparent veiled encouragement!!! It can only be so viewed because an Anglophone who CALLS FOR A FEDERATION is abducted and tortured to the pleasure of the HIERARCHIE, or evens additionally, charged to court with terrorism, sedition and the litany of genocidal nebulous ‘offences’. What immunity do the Betis have???

These dubious double standards of the government are inimical to the hoax DRESSED UP in the slogan of national unity and/or national integration. The fear is that it is gradually building up to untenable sectarian/tribal RESENTMENT that could explode into open hostilities if the situation continues to grow unchecked! And the victims are ever we the ordinary people! Hence the expression of our legitimate concern HERE!!!



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The Divisional officer of the center Region suspends all activities of the municipal police. http://www.cameroon-concord.com/the-divisional-officer-of-the-center-region-suspends-all-activities-of-the-municipal-police http://www.cameroon-concord.com/the-divisional-officer-of-the-center-region-suspends-all-activities-of-the-municipal-police The Divisional officer of the center Region suspends all activities of the municipal police.

The senior divisional officer of Mfoundi Yaounde  Mr.Jean Claude Tsila has suspended all activities of the municipal police for a duration of 30 days. The suspension of all activities of Yaounde municipal police came after a serious confrontation between a bike rider and two municipal police officers which lead to the death of the bike rider after been rushed to the Yaounde regional Hospital.{loadposition myposition}


Eye witness reported that after the death of the bike rider it was noticed that some angry bike men stormed the premises of Yaounde 1 municipality and burned down a vehicle and a two wheel Cartapila that belongs to the said municipality.
It has been noticed that several complains have been filed against the municipal police by  bike riders for their numerous atrocities against their activities.
And it has also been notice that the municipal police usually asked for their driving license and equally with their national identification card.The numerous atrocities of the municipal police be3n registered against the bike riders have exploded and leading to the suspension of their activities till further notice.{loadposition myposition2}

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Cameroon: What every Anglophone should know about Feb. 11. http://www.cameroon-concord.com/cameroon-what-every-anglophone-should-know-about-feb-11 http://www.cameroon-concord.com/cameroon-what-every-anglophone-should-know-about-feb-11 Cameroon: What every Anglophone should know about Feb. 11.

The Feb 11, 1961 Plebiscite was neither a life nor death sentence, so it can be reversed. Just know how your parents voted, before blaming others.
On this day, 58 years ago on Feb. 11, 1961, Southern Cameroons voted for independence in a UN plebiscite and joined French Cameroun; a different country which gained independence from France on January 1, 1960 (as Republic of Cameroun) with international borders that did not include Southern Cameroons.{loadposition myposition}


The plebiscite vote never made Cameroon one, united and indivisible; nor was it intended to. To begin with, the obligation imposed by the UN that Southern Cameroons should obtain “independence by joining” either Nigeria or Cameroon violated Article 76(b) of the UN Charter, and UNGA Res. 1541; which both reaffirm independence as the inherent and inalienable right of all colonies and Trust Territories. Even after the independent Southern Cameroons state joined French Cameroun in a two-state federation to form the Federal Republic of Cameroon on October 1, 1961, no Union Treaty was registered with the UN General Assembly secretariat as mandated by Articles 102 and 103 of the UN Charter. The right to separate from French Cameroun is also laid out under Principles VII and VIII of UN General Assembly Resolution 1541 of December 15, 1960. Over the past 58 years, the world has looked the other way while Southern Cameroonians have been denied their independence. The ongoing struggle to restore Southern Cameroons independence is therefore consistent with International Law, including the right to self-determination.

Besides, the occupation, annexation and recolonization of Southern Cameroons by French Cameroun also violate Article 4(b) of the African Union Constitutive act. It also violates UN resolutions against colonialism and external domination of other people; and it contravenes Articles 19-24 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Right; and other principles of International Law. The unilateral abrogation of the two-state Federation by French Cameroun under the subterfuge of the May 20, 1972 referendum was a constitutional coup d’état, which violated Art 47 of the Federal Constitution. Even were Southern Cameroons to be an integral part of French Cameroun, any such referendum on abolishing the federation ought to have been an issue solely for the people of Southern Cameroons to decide, since they were the ones who voted to join French Cameroun, in the first instance.

A review of UN General Assembly resolutions and other international legal principles regarding the right to self-determination shows incontrovertibly that Southern Cameroons became independent in 1961, but has since been recolonized and occupied by French Cameroun. This anomaly makes independence worse than colonization, and it is an illegality that is being challenged by Ambazonia restoration forces in the ongoing civil war. French Cameroun has no legal basis for its occupation and recolonization of Southern Cameroons and have been frantically pushing the theory of a one united and indivisible Cameroon based on the fact that the two countries were formerly part of German Kamerun.

The truth is that Southern Cameroons was first British and was only ceded to Germany after the Berlin Conference of 1884. Therefore, the ridiculous assertion that Southern Cameroons and French Cameroun were part of German Kamerun; hence must remain “one, united and indivisible” is laughable because German Kamerun as a political entity was a mere geographical contraption and there is no basis for its reconstitution, either in history or international law, as it included several other territories which are now independent nations. French Cameroun can only claim Southern Cameroons as part of its territory from the former German Kamerun if it can also claim other territories of that German Kamerun (Chad, Central African Republic, Gabon, and former British Northern Cameroon in present day Nigeria) as part of French Cameroun.

French Cameroun cannot ignore historical facts that the territory geographically delimitated as German Kamerun existed merely for 32 years (1884-1916), and the entity itself was held to obedience by German military conquests and treaties of friendship with different tribes, independent of each other. From 1884-1916, the Germans signed 95 treaties with various ethnic groups wherein Kings and Chiefs on both sides of the Mungo River, surrendered sovereignty and administration to the Germans, who established their capitals in Buea and Yaoundé. After defeat in WWI, the pernicious enterprise of German Kamerun ended.

When French Cameroun argues that Southern Cameroons is an integral part of its territory because they have been administered jointly as the NW and SW regions for 58 years, remind them that Ukraine and Russia parted ways despite sharing over 1,000 years of common history. And Southern Cameroons broke away from Nigeria in 1953 despite sharing 34 years of common history as well. Even if French Cameroun claims Southern Cameroons is two of its ten regions, it cannot forget that Eritrea used to be the only former Red Sea Province of Ethiopia, but that did not stop Eritrea from gaining independence.

It is a matter for regret, indeed shame that some Anglophone sycophants and Biya regime apologists continue to hee-haw the one, united and indivisible Cameroon fallacy, even as the bonds that bind the two Cameroons have fallen apart. The decentralization offer for regional autonomy sold by the Biya regime as tangible reform under the 1996 Constitution is unacceptable, notably because it makes the misleading assumption that Southern Cameroons is part of French Cameroun, and not an illegally occupied and recolonized territory. Southern Cameroons and French Cameroun were never one people; let alone united and indivisible. Let no one tell you otherwise!

Therefore, arise oh Ambazonians, for as Thomas Paine said, these are the times that try men’s souls. The struggle to restore our independence is our struggle; no less than it is that of the Anglophone leadership or the Anglophone Diaspora. We must have faith and not be distracted by detractors and naysayers. Let us unite in banishing fear. Together we cannot fail. And if we must die as Claude McKay told Black Americans during their fight for freedom and equality; “let us nobly die, so that our precious blood may not be shed in vain; then even the murderous Biya monsters and genocidal soldiers we defy shall be constrained to honor us though dead! If we must die, let us face our murderous cowards like men with their backs against the wall; dying, but fighting back.” Let the conscience of every Anglophone hold a conversation with his/her soul; then take this solemn vow: I am fighting for my freedom; I know not what course others may take; but as for me, the choice is simple - give me freedom or give me death!

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Open Letter to Paul Biya, President of the Republic of Cameroon http://www.cameroon-concord.com/open-letter-to-paul-biya-president-of-the-republic-of-cameroon http://www.cameroon-concord.com/open-letter-to-paul-biya-president-of-the-republic-of-cameroon Open Letter to Paul Biya, President of the Republic of Cameroon
Dear President Biya:
Since the writing of my first open letter to you on social concerns about the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, it appears to me that things have changed drastically for the worse, and many voices have been silenced by death. That the iron fist of a regime of bloodshed, sham politics and elections have been the norm rather than the exception! It is even alleged that soldiers under your clock have taken matters into their own hands and have been steadily and shamelessly committing extrajudicial acts in the face of recording cameras and photographers.
Mr. President what are the guiding principle of truth and peace for Cameroon?
Mr. President my hands are heavy to put words in sentences to describe what victims and innocent eyes have seen in one year in Cameroon.
From a historical perspective, it took the United States a bloody civil war to end a very serious social wrong in 1864: Legalized slavery. Today, we are witnessing in Cameroon what other nations have seen, including Germany, Rwanda, Cambodia, Congo, and in other parts of the world.{loadposition myposition}
What shall it take to end the onslaught of human life in Cameroon?
Mr. President many false prophets will come, and they may go their own way. But remember God will judge your nation because you have failed to keep the peace and harmony. You have turned a blind eye concerning the death and displacement of many locals in your nation, including those who are Clergy, and have withstood the temptation to support your regime.
Iron sharpens iron, Paul Biya, and, as a concerned US Citizen, I find it appalling that certain men in uniform from Northern Cameroon have been linked to killings, debilitation, and the perversion of the people of your land. The evidence of extrajudicial acts against humanity is mounting and in many cases, overwhelming, and yes, the cries of victims have reached beyond your borders.
Mr. President many west African nations are facing similar problems as those in Cameroon. Nigeria is an leading example. The Anglophone nation has been battling against religious extremists more recently, for a long time. Mr. President innocent civilians as young as 12 years old are being abducted to be made an example of by brutish forces, who use militant antics inconsistent with true religious values and beliefs . What advice can you give the leaders of Nigeria, or Ghana or Gambia on this matter?
Just think of families, friends and loyal constituents succumbing to an incurable illness or being in the same situation as those who were harmed. I wish neither evil, nor harm upon Cameroonians who hold the arm of political and military strength and influence, but, there is a word of wisdom I want you and your people to know President Biya: It is written in the Canonized scriptures for all the nations read, hear, and understand: ‘Woe unto those who call evil, good, and good evil.’ Isaiah 5:20.
I certainly hope that you take this letter to heart, Mr. President because my heart, mind, hands and feet have become even heavier as time draws closer to the end for many, many more innocent and broken lives.
Concerned US Citizen.
Thank you,
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bogus@bogus.com (Solomon G. Thomas) Editorial Mon, 11 Feb 2019 10:23:08 +0000
Keeping them Honest: Two Years Ago Today The Buea Declaration and the Limits of Stomach Politics http://www.cameroon-concord.com/keeping-them-honest-two-years-ago-today-the-buea-declaration-and-the-limits-of-stomach-politics http://www.cameroon-concord.com/keeping-them-honest-two-years-ago-today-the-buea-declaration-and-the-limits-of-stomach-politics Keeping them Honest: Two Years Ago Today  The Buea Declaration and the Limits of Stomach Politics

The Buea Declaration and the Limits of Stomach Politics

The statement by the Southwest elite forum on the Anglophone problem is a shameless display of crass opportunism and a betrayal of the Anglophone cause for which the verdict of history would be merciless.

{loadposition myposition}

It would have been enough to dismiss the now infamous Buea Declaration as the ranting of overzealous, self-seeking, and misguided CPDM courtiers, parading themselves as Southwest elite. But against the backdrop of the Anglophone problem and the embarrassing spectacle of political scavengers stumping around the national stage as leaders, the Declaration cannot be allowed to stand without the benefit of a response. Expectations were high that a meeting called and chaired by former Prime Minister, Peter Mafany Musonge would undertake a patriotic, honest and frank diagnosis of the present situation and chart a Pan-Anglophone way forward out of the impasse. To the utter embarrassment of the nation, it turned out to be a spectacle of odium with xenophobic attacks on Northwesterners, who were vilified and blamed for the ongoing teachers and lawyers’ strike that has grounded schools and crippled the justice system in Anglophone Cameroon. By any streak of the imagination, the sycophantic rally was more than disgraceful, unconscionable and irresponsible. This divisive clamor and inflammation of primordial sentiments is unpatriotic and unacceptable and all Southwesterners should feel a sense of outrage at this unbelievable shame that was contemptuously perpetrated in their name.

What happened in Buea was an aberration which fits the pattern of elite impunity in which meetings are goaded and rented crowds are requisitioned to agitate and influence political direction in the name of public engagement. At the risk of overstating what is by now so obvious, the fact that the strikes persist is proof that, these self-appointed guardians of the Southwest estate do not represent Southwesterners; their shameful and sycophantic gratification to the corridors of power notwithstanding. To these self-acclaimed elite, these pertinent questions are just appropriate: who made them leaders? Can they truly claim a mandate of Southwesterners to speak on their behalf? Were these elite unaware of the arrest and detention of Anglophone Consortium leaders; the ongoing abductions, rape, torture and killing of innocent civilians, including university students? Are they so insensitive, so emotionally disconnected and lacking even the basic humanity to empathize? How would any of them feel if their own daughters were abducted and raped? If they truly cherish the interest of the Southwest as they claim, wouldn’t meetings on these issues be a more edifying higher calling than partisan politicking?

In convening the forum, Musonge showed leadership. But by joining the perfidy of playing up primordial sentiments, the former PM; now Senator and Grand Chancellor of National Orders; to whom much has been given; and from who much is expected; misread the political climate and veered off the path of statesmanship into the quagmire of political grandstanding; denigrating beyond measure, his person, the office he holds, the institution of the Senate he represents and all Cameroonians as a people. For a detribalized Cameroonian to have committed such a great blunder and colossal error of judgment, so late in his career, is beyond disbelief.

As if Musonge was not shocking enough, Chief Tabetando boasting that the government-imposed internet shutdown and social media communication blackout in Anglophone regions was at the behest of Southwest elite, was a deeply distressing sight beamed to the world. Coming from a legal luminary and Senator, with the gravitas to have a clear understanding of government and politics, this is unacceptably irresponsible. With his petulance and foul temperament, Chief Atem Ebako set a new low, in what, unfortunately, has become the unedifying trademark of his favorite pastime - graffi-bashing. Chief Ebako obviously lacks Musonge’s urbane disposition and Chief Tabetando’s pedigree and power of elocution. But traditional rulers ought to be wise and profound men, able to sift the fad from the enduring and offer their views with such premium as would distinguish their voices from the rabble. His claim that strikes in the Southwest are perpetrated by Northwesterners is confounding.

But even more embarrassing was Prof. Nalova Lyonga. In a fit of bad judgment, she directed a barrage of condemnable invectives at students of Northwest origin, blaming them for strikes and unrest at Buea University, where she is the vice-chancellor. Lacking in the cultured intonation expected from someone in academia, this perverted kind of politicking is uncomplimentary to her status and beneath her office. In the judgment of an average sense of decorum, her garrulous banter betrayed a moral weakness of asinine proportion which is inexcusable. Certainly, Prof. Lyonga needs to execute her office with greater competence and grace than she has done.

One of the values of democracy as the people’s government remains its support of, and respect for, free speech in an open decision-making process. In this regard, everyone is entitled to his opinion. Yet this process is verily endowed by the dignified public comportment in deeds and words called decorum. It is a denigration of the collective spirit and a negation of the inviolability of the Cameroonian people, for holders of hold high public office to cheapen their exalted position as leading lights of the people with comments which portray them as imprudent loose cannons and anarchists. In civilized democracies, even just for reasons of decency, of self-respect, of a sense of propriety, and consideration for best practices in public office, these elites would have been relieved of their duties for bringing their public offices, to so much odium. This absence of stately comportment displayed by persons, who by authority and common trust are supposed to be epitome of civility, is highly disturbing as it sends the wrong message to the lower rung of the political ladder. If the sensibilities of law-abiding citizens are assaulted by bigotry and intolerance; does it surprise anyone why there is a high level of official rascality by mediocre politicians like Mayor Ayuk Takunchong in Mamfe and his Buea counterpart, Patrick Ekema, who, willfully and ignorantly, lack the requisite leadership capacity and temperament for governance?

Graffi-bashing is nothing new; it has gone on for so long, and has become something of a political culture for Southwest CPDM elite. True, NW/SW relations have had its challenges, which have been overplayed for propaganda purposes by selfish politicians and elites on both sides. These elite seem blinded by messianic delusions not to realize or accept that times have changed. Fact is, there is much that unites Northwest and Southwest than divides them. And in the context of the Anglophone fight against marginalization, the unhelpful reasoning that the Northwest is responsible for the economic retardation of the Southwest is patently misplaced and has no redeeming political value. It is a claim of crass ineptitude, to see demands for a return to two-state federation as a ploy by Northwesterners to dominate the Southwest in a future Anglophone state, because of their demographic advantage. The present generation of Southwesterners have nothing to fear from Northwesterners and the discord being sown by some Southwest elite suggest crass ignorance or outright mischief and betrays a lack of political sophistication. Anglophones are politically savvy to see through the hypocrisy of those fighting to maintain and expand their private economic and political estates on the back of our collective misery.

Animosity towards citizens from another region of the country is not only wrong and downright divisive; it is a brutal assault on national unity and a violation of the constitution that gives every Cameroonian “the right to settle in any place and to move about freely.” Nation-building is not a task for simpletons or irredentists. Anglophone and Francophone intellectuals and opinion leaders have a responsibility to educate those who pretend or actually do not understand that unity and sovereignty are better when peacefully negotiated than when forcibly foisted. Forced nationhood is not only wrong; it breeds conflict and serves no useful purpose. Within one generation, the forced Soviet empire collapsed like a pack of cards into different entities. Yugoslavia disintegrated into a collection of warring states. Germany once forcibly divided eventually evolved into one country. Eritrea came out of Ethiopia even as Menelik II had sold Djibouti to the French almost 116 years ago to fund the modernization of Addis Ababa. Sudan was forced to let Southern Sudan go after years of war as a result of injustice from centralization. Within just a quarter of a century, India, the world’s largest democracy, evolved from one territory into three countries (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh).

The Southwest elite who met in Buea must understand that Cameroon cannot make progress with the current centralized arrangement which encourages indolence on the part of some while they feed fat on the resources of others. Of course, it appears the only people who do not understand federalism are those cocooned in the corridors of power. And many of them dishonestly interpret federalism to mean a political ploy to break up the country. This divisive and puerile misrepresentation of federalism as secession by politicians and elite is dubious, self-serving and unpatriotic. With all the benefits of federalism, including the fact that all regions in the country have one comparative advantage or the other to exploit in strengthening fiscal federalism, the issue now is how to reform governance institutions to create a true federation with viable, autonomous regions running their own affairs.

It is worth reiterating that elite imperviousness to reason and lessons of history will continue to endanger Cameroon’s unity. And such disposition as seen in the government so far to the issue of federalism will do more damage to the unity of the country than anything else. President Biya should no longer be fooled; the proponents of federalism are the true patriots who want a solid foundation for a united and prosperous Cameroon. The parochial irredentists who interpret federation as breaking up Cameroon are the real enemies of the nation.

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STORY OF MY DEADLY JOURNEY! By Nakinti Besumbu Nofuru http://www.cameroon-concord.com/story-of-my-deadly-journey-by-nakinti-besumbu-nofuru http://www.cameroon-concord.com/story-of-my-deadly-journey-by-nakinti-besumbu-nofuru STORY OF MY DEADLY JOURNEY! By Nakinti Besumbu Nofuru

I cannot believe I finally made it to my house alive, with part of my family on board. It's been a bloody long journey from Kumba to Bamenda, via Mamfe. As I approached Widikum round about, I saw some people looking at us in a suspicious and sorry look. And then, one man summoned courage to tell me aloud:{loadposition myposition}

"Madam, small small ya, the road is not ok."

I quickly slowed down, and just a few meters ahead of us, we saw a wild crowd rushing and gathering. As we drew near, we heard loud cries coming from there and some women rolling on the ground crying. I knew it was serious than we imagined. As I Initiated the bend to park well, oh my, the road was black. A bunch of military people had covered the road, and over 7 armored cars lined the middle and corners of the road.

God! We parked and rushed to where the cries were coming from -- Oh no! A woman and her little son have been taken by stray bullets. Their corpses lay still in a Carina E that was transporting them. Before I could cry, some one explained:

"Sister, this woman is part of the convoy transporting that corpse to their village, and the corpse is her husband..."

Jesus! Corpses of husband, wife, and son were there, sur place. She was going to bury her husband, now she and her soon too, will be burried. Oh Lord! The convoy passengers cried their lives out. In a twinkle of an eye, a passenger bus heading to Mamfe brought another injured man/passenger whose hand had beed scattered by bullets.

Now, the millitary then asked all the cars going to Bamenda to line up and allow them use armored cars to escort us. That is how we all struggled to match the speed of those war machines. I tried too. Driving 110 to 130 was another dead trap. We just tried.

A few kilometers into Batibo, a human leg, from thigh down, lay idle in the middle of the road. No one around. We passed in great speed. We reached Batibo, they left us to face the rest of the journey on our own. God, we embarked and prayed and God answered.

As we entered Bamenda, just before we could engage in discussions of relieve, a little boy of about 8 years old was hit by a car around Azire new church. He was lying there in his own blood, dying, until one bike rider rushed him to hospital.

To the family that perished, my heart bleeds. I cannot question God. RIP my sister, son and husband. To those of us who are alive, we owe our world a lot of peace. We cannot continue like this. #PeaceIsPossible.

We are home, painfully though. My mum is still shaking. My younger sister cannot eat. My son has remained mute. For our eyes have seen wonders in war!

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An Open Letter to: Hon. Luigi Di Maio, Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and Minister of Economic Development, Labor and Social Policies. From: A Collective of Anglophone Cameroonians in the Diaspora and in Cameroon http://www.cameroon-concord.com/an-open-letter-to-hon-luigi-di-maio-deputy-prime-minister-of-italy-and-minister-of-economic-development-labor-and-social-policies-from-a-collective-of-anglophone-cameroonians-in-the-diaspora-and-in-cameroon http://www.cameroon-concord.com/an-open-letter-to-hon-luigi-di-maio-deputy-prime-minister-of-italy-and-minister-of-economic-development-labor-and-social-policies-from-a-collective-of-anglophone-cameroonians-in-the-diaspora-and-in-cameroon An Open Letter to: Hon. Luigi Di Maio, Deputy Prime Minister of Italy and Minister of Economic Development, Labor and Social Policies.  From: A Collective of Anglophone Cameroonians in the Diaspora and in Cameroon

Dear Hon. Di Maio,

 We, a collective of Africans from Southern Cameroon, the English-speaking part of Cameroon, which is going through a bloody civil war and refugee crisis, followed with interest, your widely-disseminated remarks to the effect that:{loadposition myposition}

"The EU should sanction France and all countries like France that impoverish Africa and make these people leave, because Africans should be in Africa, not at the bottom of the Mediterranean" (BBC, London, January 21, 2019).

We have the honor to state that we totally agree with your sentiments. Since 1960, France has been instrumental in propping up the Ahidjo-Biya dictatorial regimes in Cameroon in accordance with neo-colonial military, economic, cultural, political, and financial agreements that benefit France. The Anglophone current crisis in Cameroon is linked to French attempts to assimilate English-speaking Cameroonians into the Francophone post-colonial sphere. Declassified correspondence between the French Consul in Buea, the capital of Southern Cameroon, the French Ambassador in Yaoundé, Cameroon, and the French Foreign Ministry in Paris show that France has desired to assimilate our State into la Francophonie since 1962.It is no secret that the peoples of Francophone Africa are some of the poorest and most destitute people on earth, while their natural resources are exploited to enrich France and its hand-picked African despots.

 Hon. Luigi Di Maio, In 2016, lawyers and teachers in the natural resource-rich, English-speaking Anglophone Southern Cameroon demonstrated against their marginalization and impoverishment by the Francophone regime which serves the interests of France. From his luxurious presidential suite at the Inter-Continental Hotel in Geneva Switzerland, President Biya, who has been in power for 36 years, declared war on unarmed civilian demonstrations on October 1, 2017. Leaked military records show that helicopter gunships fired French-made fragmentation bombs on unarmed civilians, killing scores of them. The crisis has since degenerated into a major human rights catastrophe and refugee crisis.

According to human rights observers, the French-supplied Cameroun army has attacked and burned down more than 100 villages, killed thousands of civilians. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reports that more than 50, 000 Southern Cameroon refugees have so far crossed into Nigeria, while more than 200,000 people are internally displaced. The number of refugees is increasing as the French Cameroun army, using French military equipment and guided by French drones, are carrying out crimes against humanity in Southern Cameroon.Many of these refugees and displaced people will soon find their way to Europe.

Hon. Luigi Di Maio, On May 20th 2018, French President, Emmanuel Macron, wrote to President Biya offering support for his war and repression in Anglophone Cameroon. Shortly thereafter, President Macron sent Hon. Jean Baptiste Lemoyne, French Secretary of State in the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs to Cameroon, and specifically to the resource-rich Anglophone region, to demonstrate French support for President Biya’s atrocities and crimes against humanity. French, Chinese and Israeli military equipment is being used to kill innocent civilians on a daily basis. The flood of refugees has increased and there is no end in sight to the conflict.

We are appreciative of the fact that you have courageously pinpointed one of the causes of African crises, poverty, and underdevelopment. History will show that you are correct. With its colonial military and economic cooperation agreements, its colonial currency, the CFA, and its support for repressive post-colonial dictators who protect its interests on the African continent, France is part of the African problem.

 Hon. Luigi Di Maio, thank you for speaking out. Please accept the expression of our highest consideration.

The Collective of English-Speaking Cameroonians in the Diaspora and in Cameroon. {loadposition myposition2}




bogus@bogus.com (Lyombe) Editorial Tue, 22 Jan 2019 18:14:00 +0000
Chief Dr. Dion Ngute's Invitation to "Come and Chop" http://www.cameroon-concord.com/chief-dr-dion-ngute-s-invitation-to-come-and-chop http://www.cameroon-concord.com/chief-dr-dion-ngute-s-invitation-to-come-and-chop Chief Dr. Dion Ngute's Invitation to

Rotating the post of Prime Minister between the Northwest and Southwest regions with these men of yesteryears will not resolve the Anglophone crisis.

If Biya wants to save Cameroon from implosion, he should without further delay, return Cameroon to a federal system with a rotating presidency.{loadposition myposition}

Only such bold initiatives which give Anglophones a stake in the country called Cameroon can convince Ambazonians to reconsider their struggle for independence. All these musical chair appointments are token measures of appeasement a smack of desperation to fuel the NW/SW schism and divide the resistance.

It might have worked before, but it will fail because people like Musonge, Philemon Yang, and Dion Ngute no longer speak on behalf of Anglophones. His house was burnt just yesterday, and this should signal to Biya that Dion, like other SW CPDM elite, are considered traitors of the Ambazonia struggle. His appointment as PM is just an invitation for him and his cronies to "come and chop" Before any ranting SW provincialist is tempted to accuse a Manyu man of attacking a fellow SWesterner, let me state in the interest of full disclosure that my mum is Oroko.{loadposition myposition2} 

bogus@bogus.com (Ekinneh Agbaw-Ebai) Editorial Mon, 07 Jan 2019 10:00:03 +0000
The alleged story behind the death of the proprietor of Miss Bright Hotel (Mr Tantoh Felix) revealed by his Daughter http://www.cameroon-concord.com/the-alleged-story-behind-the-death-of-the-proprietor-of-miss-bright-hotel-mr-tantoh-felix-buea-cameroon-revealed-by-his-daughter-2 http://www.cameroon-concord.com/the-alleged-story-behind-the-death-of-the-proprietor-of-miss-bright-hotel-mr-tantoh-felix-buea-cameroon-revealed-by-his-daughter-2 The alleged story behind the death of the proprietor of Miss Bright Hotel (Mr Tantoh Felix) revealed by his Daughter

The daughter of Mr Tantoh who was killed by unidentified gun men took to her Facebook page yesterday 14 November 2018 and revealed some stories about the death of her father as seen on the screenshots below.


This is an open letter to Lucy Tabe late Miss Brights wife.. {loadposition myposition}

Part one.

Since my dad died I have been very quite about certain things, not because am a fool. You (Lucy Tabe) go around telling lies to people so you can get sympathy. I will share the story to everyone so they know the kind of wife you have been to the man who made you what you are today.
July 17 at 2:35pm (7:35pm Cameroon time) I had a text from my dad asking if I was ok, an I said yes . 2 days prior to that we paid some men to follow you up coz my dad suspected you of cheating... it came back you were cheating with a married man in Maryland...look at the pictures.... my dad was heart broken and he asked u and off course you denied it. I was the last person who spoke to my dad befor his demise ( when he told me Steph someone is at the door I will call u back & that was the last I heard of him). 5:38pm American Time you (LUCY)called me & and told me my dad has been killed by his best friend ( his name I will withhold) . That same day I purchased our ticket for the next day to go to Cameroon. Once we got to Cameroon all the cars documents where handed to you plus 3 million which was found in one of the cars. you requested for him to be buried 3 days after that which the family declined. On thé 23rd which was a Monday at 3am Cameroon time you transported all his 5 luxury cars out of his compound. When u were questioned about your action you claim the Fon of Bamendannkwen asked you to do so. Which were all lies. The family decided to ignore that act and focus on their lose. After so many meetings we picked a date sept 7 which was the date you picked due to your daughters surgery. We all abided to that dates an all burial preparations where done. Sept 1 st u called me requesting I buy u and your kids flights back to the Cameroon after u had told the family you already bought the flights . I declined coz we were not in good terms. Sept 6 th i tried reaching you only to discover you were no were to be found ( so many stories came out but God alone knows where u were at that time). You placed a court order on my dads corpse which didn’t allow us bury him on that day. All burial preparations had been done at that time .which was a loss but I didn’t complain because I knew the kind of Person I was dealing with. On several occasions you tried doing the burial but it was abortive. On the 10th u tried biting him as a rejected corpse by calling the council to do the burial and again it was aborted. Today Wednesday 14th of November you succeeded in doing the burial without no family member , no children n non of your family. I just have one question for you. What did my dad ever do wrong to deserve this treatment? From what I gathered you have sold 3 of his cars which that’s what you used to finance all your atrocities. You plan on selling the hotel and fleeing to the USA to apply for asylum in the name of the government killed your husband. Am not writing all these to gain sympathy but it’s to tell the world what you did to a man who showed you love. I don’t need any of what my dad left you can have it coz that’s what u have been fighting for. Don’t forget when he was alive u could barely manage the shops he opened for you. Ask yourself can you manage what he left for the next 2 years?How will your kids look at you? Did you mourn you husband? I know you don’t have a conscience but heyyy we have God who doesn’t like ugly.

Part two

After his death on our way to Cameroon you told me let’s go to Cotonou Benin for protection. I asked you protection for what and against who. You went quite. You go around telling people to borrow you 23 million to do your husbands contract. I pity who ever gives you that money. 4 days after his demise you went to all his banks so you can have assess to his money but you were told that you are not his second signature. When you were told that I was his second signature to all his accounts you went wild. You even tried to bribe some of them to give you asses to the exact amount on the accounts. You then decides to start selling his cars because financially you were down. Your Maryland married man advised you to sell everything and start your life in the USA. My question to that man . Do you think if you marry her she will treat you different? Just a question. You went ahead & filed for the letter of administration ( you told the lawyers not to include my name on it as a beneficiary) I really don’t care about things like this. Back to the night my father died..... only you & I knew that my dad had to leave town that day I not return.... ???? only you & I knew he changed his traveling date. My question to you. Why are you bent on burying him without his family and chiefs. Is there anything you are hiding. Why can’t you sleep at the house in Bomaka ( you claim we drove you out what a lie). Did you tell them that you saw something in your room which chased you out and you never returned since then. No you didn’t. What did u go to do in Cotonou Nigeria ??. These are just questions which I would like to know the answers. How did you know the last things my dad said when he was attacked by these unknown men......coz no one was there. Why are you Bent on not accepting to bury him with family or give family assess to his corpse . I will leave it right here. Let God who doesn’t love ugly be the judge. Don’t forget you have kids. You go around painting a very bad picture of me. That I was not my fathers child/ am a bastard. Only an illiterate will ask such questions. You go around sleeping with men while your husband lies in the freezer and today you bring out you married certificate that you were legally married to him. Hahahahaha tell them the last time my dad slept with you..... off course you will lie.... he never slept with you when he found out you were sleeping with that guy in buea his name I will not call. He even drives my dads cars around town .. oohhhhh what is this life we leave in. Lucy Tabe don’t forget all these things are vanity. We are all passerby’s. My dad died because someone was so greedy. One of the bayangi boys that killed my dad was arrested and he decided to confess only for us to come the next day he was dead....what a life we leave in. Tell them why it took you more than 3 years to come to the USA after your last trip some years back. You came here and slept with one young guy and his wife called my dad and complained. You were almost thrown out of you married. Did you ever ask yourself who begged on your behalf. No you didn’t. Well I have a massage for you. You have buried him fine. Let God who doesn’t love ugly be the judge. I rest my case. This is just part of the story but I needed the world to know what kind of woman you are. Thanks {loadposition myposition2}

bogus@bogus.com () Editorial Thu, 15 Nov 2018 16:55:51 +0000