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Southern Cameroons Crisis: Professor  Martin Ayim speaks out

Professor Ayim hits back. Read and understand.

For the Records and Information to the People:

I love to teach and educate because in education only the truth is said. I say it without mincing words because I have nothing to hide.
1. My wife is not related to Caleche Bongo of the IG as alluded somewhere in desperation. It will be recalled that at one time I was alluded to be related to Millan’s wife, a woman I have never known.
2. Iam not and I repeat not a member of any APNC planning committee and I strongly disclaim any such forced inclusion. I do not support APNC at this time as well.

3. The IG as I know has not endorsed any APNC at this time. IG takes a position of no Conference now when GZ needs more financial attention and that we all can unite to have a big Conference in April.  A Conference now smacks of insensitivity to GZ.
4. The AP is not on any monthly payment of $10,000 or any amount as I read somewhere. Three months ago, Cabinet discussed and approved that an allocation be provided to the Office of the President. No amount was stated. Two weeks ago, the Office was advised by cabinet to provide an itemized budget which as of now has not been provided for cabinet deliberation and decision making. Where Capo Daniel got his false information baffles me. This type of misreporting and misinformation does not help the cause.
5. Funny trend is that once a cabinet meeting is concluded, in just under 30 mins Capo is reporting about the meeting in opposite direction, misstating facts and drawing sweeping derogatory conclusions. Why would a comrade be bent at doing just the opposite each time again baffles me. We pulled some strings and after spending money for travels, got an organization to allow us present at the UN 4th Committee for decolonization.     It was Capo at it again, calling the office. Despite invitation, we got there to realized that though on schedule we could not be allowed to present. We were given visitors passes but no access to the conference room. We were told bluntly about the call. Yes indeed, is that patriotism? Is that love for the cause?
6. There is no approach, more powerful and more accountable than giving the power to communities to take charge of their self defense and for them to elect people in their communities whom they trust. IG came to this after suffering huge financial losses in the hands of dubious people which never reached GZ as intended. LGA by LGA approach eliminates middle people some of whom are building houses and burgeoning at the expense of hardworking boys and girls on GZ. Everyone here belongs to an LGA and County. Join and defend your village, LGA and County. That is community empowerment by the IG.
7. Foreign presence in court in Yaounde is not by accident. IG aggressive diplomacy is yielding results.  More to come. Even it is what, these results should signal that aligning with the IG now, a caretaker government, is imperative. Amazingly some detractors are stock with MTTB which they never promoted, never donated to, and spoke against. Why are people so vicious? When you see positive progress, you want to take stock? Support progress instead.
8. IG does not advocate for any referendum. It is an option that can be imposed on the IG not IG asking for it. IG stands for Unconditional Independence, Statehood Restoration and Sovereignty. IG believes that the UN has not fully decolonized the British Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia). That Self determination is universal right. Anyone thinking otherwise or guessing otherwise is just plain wrong.
9. I guess I have updated everyone about innuendoes and the facts as they are.
I did this voluntarily because I believed those here, supporters or not needed to know the truth and the facts. IG is open to criticism and pointers. We did not join the struggle, in my case for 25 years now, as experts. We will learn as we go, make mistakes and stay focused. We are all volunteers to serve motherland Ambazonia. I pity Sako who had to drop a job to create time for the challenges posed to him and the IG after Nera attempted decapitation. Only a Sako can go through this and still have a cool head to make decisions. God bless and protect him. I know what he is going through on daily basis, especially from misreporting, namecalling, and misinformation.
Ambazonians Ambazonians, Sisiku legacy is being maintained and sustained frankly and honestly, he remains our undisputed President.  
So long
Prof Martin Ayim
Chief of Staff

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