Local|f6be11 http://www.cameroon-concord.com Mon, 23 Apr 2018 23:03:13 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Cameroon: Government refutes claims about closure of Douala airport http://www.cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-government-refutes-claims-about-closure-of-douala-airport http://www.cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-government-refutes-claims-about-closure-of-douala-airport Cameroon: Government refutes claims about closure of Douala airport
The Director of Cameroonian airports has said in a communiqué published on 18 April 2018, that rumours circulating about the closure of the Douala international airport are unfounded. {loadposition myposition}
To clarify those who had been given wrong information, the D G of the ADC, revealed that an audit which is said to have led to the suspension of the Douala international airport, has not even taken place. “Information has been circulating on some newspapers, radio and TV stations, relayed by social media about an audit by the international civil aviation organisation, which supposedly consequently led to the closure of the Douala international airport” the communiqué stated The communiqué went on to stress that the auditing at the Douala international airport is still to take place “the audit program of the aviation organisation is as follows: the Yaounde –Nsimalen international airport (fom 18-21 April 2018), the Douala international airport (from 22-27 April 2018)”. {loadposition myposition2}
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Cameroon: Agbor Balla condemns kidnappings, calls for release of Justice Mbeng Martin http://www.cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-agbor-balla-condemns-kidnappings-calls-for-release-of-justice-mbeng-martin http://www.cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-agbor-balla-condemns-kidnappings-calls-for-release-of-justice-mbeng-martin Cameroon: Agbor Balla condemns kidnappings, calls for release of Justice Mbeng Martin

Cameroonian barrister Agbor Balla, following the news about the abduction of Justice Mbeng Martin, has strongly condemned the kidnappings that are taking place in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon.

He made the call after his colleague Justice Mbeng Martin fell prey to armed groups in the Southwest Region.

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"During the early hours of Sunday April 8 2018 reports from family sources confirmed that an armed group abducted Justice Mbeng Martin, former Vice president of court of Appeal, Southwest.

'We deplore the kidnapping in the strongest possible terms. These abhorrent attacks on civilians by armed groups must stop now. I call on all those with the means to engage to stop these violations and return Justice Mbeng Martin.

'Suppressing freedom of speech, association and attacking others with different views do not represent the values we ought to build. We must not be bullied into silence through the barrel of a gun by armed groups.

'The incident regrettably indicates the serious deterioration in the security situation, escalation of the Anglophone crisis and peak of radicalisation in our communities. It is therefore imperative that we take steps to ensure that kidnap for ransom or to score political concessions is no longer perceived as a lucrative business model.

'To put an end to the Stalemate, all parties must seek constructive negotiations which will lead to a peaceful settlement, long term stability and equal opportunities for every citizen." Barrister Balla said in his release of Sunday 8 April 2018.

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Cameroon: Satisfied with President Biya's performance, a CPDM stalwart is ready to pay the 30 Million caution fee for the 2018 Presidential Elections. http://www.cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-satisfied-with-president-biya-s-performance-a-cpdm-stalwart-is-ready-to-pay-the-30-million-caution-fee-for-the-2018-presidential-elections http://www.cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-satisfied-with-president-biya-s-performance-a-cpdm-stalwart-is-ready-to-pay-the-30-million-caution-fee-for-the-2018-presidential-elections Cameroon: Satisfied with President Biya's performance, a CPDM stalwart is ready to pay the 30 Million caution fee for the 2018 Presidential Elections.

Wonders they say shall never end as this CPDM party stalwart promises to pay Biya's caution fee of 30million CFA francs.

This business magnet must have come from outer space to be judging Biya's regime performance as satisfactory and worth celebrating.

El Hadji Relounanou Charaboutou announced during the false match of the purported living together in Douala iii, Stability,peace and social cohesion.

This was around New Bell and precisely at Douala ii.

The purported match which eventually became a CPDM rally was to bring together those of English, French and Hausa speakers as a sign that these different people were living together and in perfect harmony.

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Falsehood isn't going to stop this crisis that has ravaged Cameroon and damaging the very foundation of the nationhood.

It attracted political opportunist, who wasted no time to become tambourines , showering praises to their god, Paul Biya.

They called upon their militants to support Paul Biya , the President of Cameroon, who is an incarnate of peace,stability and social cohesion.

As proof of his loyalty to President Paul Biya, El Hadji Relounanou Charaboutou, the President of Association of Muslim Elites for the Development of Cameroon( ASSEMDEC) and former president of the Wouri ii Section of the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement, the ruling party.

He has declared his intention to pay the presidential elections caution of 30 million francs.

If nobody is seeing this gesture of his as politics and positioning, the donor claims it's his own way of showing support to the head of state, Paul  Biya for his great achievements.

He calls on Paul Biya not to leave power, especially when the nation is at the verge of exploding.

El Hadji Relounanou who equally is a philanthropist,engaged in humanitarian gestures, doesn't want to create any sensation.

This is because Biya Paul is capable of paying that caution himself.

El Hadji Relounanou Charaboutou announced that even if Paul Biya rejects the offer, he will say that it's that of his community as their support.

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Atanga Nji restricts the sales of arms in six Regions of Cameroon http://www.cameroon-concord.com/local/atanga-nji-restricts-the-sales-of-arms-in-six-regions-of-cameroon http://www.cameroon-concord.com/local/atanga-nji-restricts-the-sales-of-arms-in-six-regions-of-cameroon Atanga Nji restricts the sales of arms in six Regions of Cameroon

The Minister of Territorial administration Atanga Nji Paul, has restricted the sales of arms in some Regions of Cameroon and says his decision comes as a result of the threats public order is facing.

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Atanga Nji signed a communique on 4 April 2018 to reveal to the public that the proliferation of illicit arms has reached a disturbing level at which public order is severely menaced.

He went on to say that, several persons own both modern and locally made guns without authorisation from the government.

The six Regions involved in this suspension till further notice include, Adamawa, Centre, Litoral, West, Northwest and Southwest Regions.

The Minister warns and demands the owners of arms without authorisation to give them back to the competent authorities in 30 days from the date of release of this communique

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Cameroon: Military Cooperation and collaboration.. Multinational military exercises taking place in Douala. http://www.cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-military-cooperation-and-collaboration-multinational-military-exercises-taking-place-in-douala http://www.cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-military-cooperation-and-collaboration-multinational-military-exercises-taking-place-in-douala Cameroon: Military Cooperation and collaboration.. Multinational military exercises taking place in Douala.

As reported by Cameroon Tribune, a large contingent of the African Standby Defence force, shall have joint or combined military training drills, aimed at sharpening their minds as well as preparedness for warfare in an era, marked by sectarian and armed conflicts. This combined military sessions shall go on for two weeks.{loadposition myposition}

The joint multinational military exercise has been code named as " United Focus 2" it's main objective is to be combat ready confront extremism and armed militia as well as terrorism.

Sharpening the operational capacities of the contributing member Countries, especially those of the Lake Chad Basin. Cameroon: Sports, football: Birwe Minkreo is the new Coach for L'Aigle de la Menoua" The erstwhile coach of Cotton sports of Garoua and the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon'' under 17 Coach. He has signed a contract with L'Aigle de la Menoua that has a specified duration of 8 months. Birwe Minkreo was sacked as the head coach for Cotton Sports of Garoua after a dismal performance of the club after four days of play.{loadposition myposition2} 

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Eséka rail accident: Camrail requests international independent expertise to determine the real cause http://www.cameroon-concord.com/local/eseka-rail-accident-camrail-requests-international-independent-expertise-to-determine-the-real-cause http://www.cameroon-concord.com/local/eseka-rail-accident-camrail-requests-international-independent-expertise-to-determine-the-real-cause Eséka rail accident: Camrail  requests  international independent expertise to determine the real cause

On March 14, 2018, during the hearing at the correctional chamber of Eséka court, Jean Pierre Morel, the current managing director of CAMRAIL said that an international independent expertise was needed to determine the real causes of the 2016 Eséka train derailment.

According to his statements, after the incident, CAMRAIL set an inquiry commission to determine what happened. The experts then concluded that at some point of the journey, the train was over speeding. That speed has been the cause of this accident, they said. However, they did not explain the reason why the train suddenly revved up even though there was no sign of anomaly since the train left Yaoundé.{loadposition myposition}

He also explained that Cameroon’s government acquired the wagons involved in the accident following an international call for tender the country launched in 2010. He further added that according to the concession agreement, between CAMRAIL and Cameroon, the country was responsible for the replacement of the rolling stocks. Moreover, he said, after the 40 wagons were constructed by CSR Nanjing, the technical testing (in accordance with the international standards) was positive.

Jean Pierre Morel continued saying that security being a “constant concern” for CAMRAIL, the railway company not only implemented the security measures set by the former operator REGIFERCAM but it also strengthened them based on Bolloré group’s experience in the management and operation of rail networks in Africa.  

According to our sources, during the next hearings, the court will hear Didier Vandenbon, CAMRAIL’s managing director at the time of this accident, and the train driver who was driving the train involved in the accident.

For the record, on May 23, 2017, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, secretary general at the presidency published a statement which revealed that an investigation launched and conducted by the government concluded that CAMRAIL had the overarching responsibility in this accident.


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Ndu council distributes 13600 textbooks to schools in the sub division http://www.cameroon-concord.com/local/ndu-council-distributes-13600-textbooks-to-schools-in-the-sub-division http://www.cameroon-concord.com/local/ndu-council-distributes-13600-textbooks-to-schools-in-the-sub-division Ndu council distributes 13600 textbooks to schools in the sub division

Ndu council has distributed 13600 textbooks to schools in the sub division,books gotten late last year through its development partner ESERVI Yaoundé. {loadposition myposition} The Lord Mayor Bunyui Emmanuel Nyugap while handing the books to the school heads this Wednesday March 14,cautioned them to use it judiciously for posterity.

Ndu is a town and commune in Donga-Mantung, a department of the Northwest Region of Cameroon. It lies at the northeast edge of the Bamenda Grassfields, on the eastern arc of the Ring Road.[1] It is the highest elevation town in Cameroon. {loadposition myposition2}

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Cameroon: A truck of petrol or contraband fuel sized with 31800 litres. http://www.cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-a-truck-of-petrol-or-contraband-fuel-sized-with-31800-litres http://www.cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-a-truck-of-petrol-or-contraband-fuel-sized-with-31800-litres Cameroon: A truck of petrol or contraband fuel sized with 31800 litres.

The Gendarmerie elements of the Adamawa Region of the Northern region of Cameroon had seized this huge package of fuel on the night of 2nd and 3rd of March,2018.{loadposition myposition} The seized contraband fuel of 31800 was on its way to the Northern Region, Garoua. The owner of the truck, the keeper of the Vehicles documents hold that 159 drums,worth 200 litres that were transported, would have been delivered in the town of Garoua-Boulai, in the South Region of Cameroon. Here the customer would have off loaded the goods for the Central African Republic.{loadposition myposition2}

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Cameroon: The passing away of Monique Koumatekel http://www.cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-the-passing-away-of-monique-koumatekel http://www.cameroon-concord.com/local/cameroon-the-passing-away-of-monique-koumatekel Cameroon: The passing away of Monique Koumatekel

Two years after, the family of decease are still waiting for the much trumpeted Government assistance. The numerous promises made on the spot by some Government officials haven't materialized as was expected. How can vague promises made by lies telling ministers of a rogue regime ever materialize. " We have been dejected and abandoned by authorities of the state of Cameroon. After the decease of Monique Koumatekel, there were many of such Government officials who were coming to see us. The Senior Divisional Officer, the Governor... They were many that came to see, comfort and console us.{loadposition myposition}

They promised to assist us in whatever way possible. " This complaint is that of Sen Annette Plastide, the mother of Monique Koumatekel, who died on the 12 of March,2016, when she was pregnant with twins. She was left unattended by the medical staff of Laquintinie Hospital of Douala. Her friend Tacke Rose out of sympathy decided to do the operation herself in order to at least rescue the unborn twins. " once this incident happened, it attracted a lot of high personalities within the nation, foreigners,the press,,representative of Political parties and others, who came to give their support for the family members of young Monique Koumatekel, wishing to have passage to make their promises, which have now turned two years after those vain promises were made.

These promises have never been fulfilled. The family once more deplores the insensitive nature of the government immediately after the burial was competed" " The Government was solely responsible for the mortuary fee and the cost of burial needs such as the coffin and the hearse. Thereafter the government went comatose. After the burial of my daughter, they have never come back to see us. Not even to know how the family was fairing" regretted the mother of the decease. The father of three kids that were left behind by Monique Koumatekel according to him, confided that" A lawyer came demanding that a bank account be opened so that money contributed by the philanthropist could be saved.

This money could be used for the upkeep of the children and that he was going to be a share holder. This account wasn't functional as reported by Nouvelle Of the 12th of March 2018. Fortunately, some good persons with good will have always been supporting the family of the deceased Monique Koumatekel . For instance a association established in Italy is taking care of the children and pays their fees each year and their school needs.{loadposition myposition2}

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Women's day celebration in the Southern Cameroon's http://www.cameroon-concord.com/local/women-s-day-celebration-in-the-southern-cameroon-s http://www.cameroon-concord.com/local/women-s-day-celebration-in-the-southern-cameroon-s Women's day celebration in the Southern Cameroon's

Today the 8th of March 2018 marks a very gloomy day for the womanhood as many
Mothers have been burnt down in their sleep and many women incarcerated in the the stinkingly dirty detention centers across the French speaking Cameroon.

How can women be joyous in celebration {loadposition myposition}
When their other sisters have been gruesomely murdered by state thugs?
How can their mood of celebration be worth anything substantial when the other women of the French speaking Cameroon aren't bothered or disturbed about the plight of these other women subjugated to torture and gruesome treatment such as rape, shabby treatment and scorn.

How can women be celebrating when their children aren't with them and shall never again be with them because some scouts arrogantly shot them?
What thing can move them to celebrate when tears and blood is oozing down their blood stained cheek as flooded water?

Today more out of intimidation and threat did women working with state institutions move out disguised in their normal dressing mood, go to the ceremonial ground.

Carrying their uniforms in bags and parcels did these women stake their lives to match in the Southern Cameroon's as others largely boycotted the event as a none event.

Pretence and empty arrogance hasn't help
The once boastful and arrogant LA Republique Du Cameroun that has seen ceremonies that once were celebrated in pomp and pageantry across Cameroon.{loadposition myposition2}

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