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Government's Balls Squeezed to Solve Anglophone Teachers' Worries or Face Total School Blackout

The All Anglophone Teachers Trade Union have taken exception to what they say is Government's complacency towards seeking concrete solutions to the issues by Anglophone teachers.  In a memo sent to the Prime Ministry and Presidency, they said the government is trying to draw their patience out to frustrate them and make them run out steam in their quest to fight for the preservation of the Anglo Saxon educational system.

They have also observed that, the preparation of the National Education Forum to take place next month is does not take into account the gravity of the event.  They have expressed their desire to see all demands raised by Anglophone teachers addressed at the said forum.

While lauding Government for efforts made so far they have urged the Minister of secondary Education to continue  with the redeployment of teachers in Technical and General Education before the end of the current school year. Fame Ndongo, Higher Education have been cautioned to wake up from slumber and hasten up with the integration of contract teachers, proceed with the redeployment of Francophone lecturers and Administrative staff from the Anglo Saxon state universities.

A special call has been made for the recruitment of 500 teachers to make for the deficiency of English speaking lecturers. That the special 2 billion FCFA to lay private and denominational schools  be speedily given to console schools hit by the teachers protest. And that a Polytechniic be created for the English education system.

In a firm appeal to the state, the All Anglophone Teachers Trade Union  has called on the Head of state to grant amnesty to detained and exiles teachers as well as parents and students for the hitch free take off of the 2017-18 School year.  They have made it clear that the start of the next school year lies in the seriousness government gives towards resolving the issues affecting the English sub system of Education.

Anglophone Teachers in the North West and South West regions embarked on a sit down protest in November last year over the systematic erosion of Anglo Saxon educational values inherent in the two English speaking regions. The strike action  has paralysed schools since then cauisng government to embark on a desperate attempt to save the school year. So far all official examinations for the current school year despite the fact that students and pupils have not been in school for 6 months. But uncertainty looms over the next academic year.



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