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Cameroon creates 337,669 jobs in 2015

The job-creation potential of Cameroon’s public and private sectors once more reached another watermark in 2015 with 337,669 new jobs created out of the 350,000 which the Head of State, President Paul Biya, promised to create at the beginning of the year. However, statistics from the balance sheet published recently by the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training (MINEFOP) confirming the trend, adds to the 34,978 new jobs expected during the implementation of the Emergency Plan, the figure could reach 380,000 new jobs created in 2015.

Job-Fertile Sectors

The balance sheet published by MINEFOP also reveals that most of the job placements were made in various sectors notably trade, construction and public works, security, banking and finance, transport, domestic services, food industry, agro-industry, wood processing, agriculture, computer sciences and tourism etc. MINEFOP reports however deplores certain factors which mitigated the results such as the slow implementation of the Emergency Plan, the halt of work in construction sites such as the Yaounde-Douala and Yaounde-Nsimalen double carriage highways, insufficient financial resources allocated to gathering information on employment and the reserve of some companies to periodically furnish information on labour used or hired.

Job-Creation Strategies

Statistics showcased to illustrate laudable results recorded, the document says, depict several measures taken by government under the instigation of the Head of State and the supervision of the Prime Minister, Head of Government. Some of the prominent measures include the elaboration of strategic instruments for the promotion of employment such as the draft decree on the creation, organisation and functioning of the Cameroonian Agency for Employment, the National Practical Guide for the implementation of the High Labour Intensive (HIMO) approach in public works, the follow-up of the employment aspect of the Three-Year Emergency Plan; the realisation of studies of job-professions profiles according to agro-ecological zones and on intense cooperation activity with several countries, amongst others.1111 The MINEFOP document bears hope that with greater implementation of such measures, prospects for 2016 might reach 400,000 new jobs expected.

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