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Cameroon Development Corporation: No Longer At Ease

The Cameroon Development Corporation, CDC like the National Hydro Carbon company, SNH are both state-owned companies. The similarities end there. Ever since the appointment of Njie Ngoni Franklin as General Manager of CDC, the biggest agro-industrial plant in West Africa has been collapsing at catastrophic rapidity never known in the history of the corporation. Interestingly, the elders and elites of the South West region have maintained a kind of deliberate silence over the downward trends taken by CDC. The situation has become so bad that something needs to be done and done in a hurry to save the Cameroon Development Corporation. The financial situation of the company is at best zero. Leadership is completely absent and things are really falling apart.

Cameroon Concord can now reveal that hundreds of CDC workers are leaving and seeking employment in other companies such as Heve Sud found in the South region of Cameroon precisely in Ebolowa. We have also gathered intelligence that many more are heading to Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. Our Chief intelligence officer in the South West region who contributed to this report hinted that a CDC Overseer on category 5A under the Njie Ngoni Franklin administration ends 313.86 frs FCFA an hour and he/she is expected to work 8 hours a day. Correspondingly, a junior Overseer on category 4A who earns even less is also expected to perform the same task like on overseer on category 5A. Nothing can best represent a situation where things have turned upside down and inside out than the fact that echelon no longer means anything at CDC.

Cameroon Concord understands the leadership has cut down the allowances of all senior staffs and instituted numerous social insurance contributions and nothing seems to change. Intrinsically, CDC operates a very funny payment method!! Salaries are accorded to workers who have attained category 7 only. From Category 1 to 6 you are simply a wage earner meaning it is pay as you work. If you are sick, it is the company's hospital that can give a worker a sick pay.

In one of the payslips handed to our cream of journalists late last week, we found out that as a CDC worker, you are deducted Council tax, Personal income tax, CRTV tax, Land Bank tax, National Social Insurance contribution, and a 280 frs CFA compulsory registration for medical issues. Njie Ngoni Franklin has completely lost touch with the common labourers who are the mainstay of the company. We of this publication are predicting that if the leadership fails to change its policy, CDC will be a thing of the past.



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