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Cameroon Government Attempts To Corrupt Anglophones To Change Course: How much money is money enough?

How much money is money enough? The truth remains that the erstwhile Southern Cameroonian has been sidetracked for fifty four years and dejected to penury, hardship,dejection, frustration and bitterness.

Can money shared in bags by the state machinery aimed at shattering the planned ghost towns by the consortium? What has the state put in place as a well planned option to permanently resolve the grievances of the teachers and lawyers?

This noise and propaganda of telling the world that Schools shall resume in the South West is a continuation of the scheme of divide and rule which seemingly worked in the past and not today. This issue is far above some unscrupulous press men who have been bribed, above party politics and above personal greed.

It's the collective fight for the preservation of a threatened identity,that was aimed at extinction and a pogrom put in place for its systematic eradication. Our soldiers, Gendarmes, BIR and Police should look at themselves and ask soul searching questions like " As Anglophones were is our future in the military and Police"? "

Why have we always paid the heaviest prize at the war fronts such as the fight against armed robbers in the North and the fight against Boko Haram? This is part of the systematic pogrom of our very competent and qualified manpower. Why is Fame Ndongo sweating around to make sure Schools resume in the North West and South West Regions when he shamelessly told the world that the South West were sociologically and anthropologically linked to the Littoral Region?

Where he got such falsification,only God alone knows. English Language goes beyond the ability to prude it or parrot it. It's a culture, a way of life, an educational system called the Anglosaxon system of education, An accountability system loaded with checks and balances, A highly rated professional managerial system and above all a Judicial system highly balanced and above prejudice. May be this is what makes me an extremist .


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