Baby’s foot cut off by criminal nurses after delivery

A pathetic situation has been reported in the Meiganga district hospital of the Adamawa region in which two nurses are presently in detention for doing away with the left foot of a newborn baby.

The mother to the child had been taken to the hospital in labour pains. After the delivery process, she and her family members were made to know that, the expectant mother had had a still birth. The news was so heavy to bear but the bereaved family manned up and faced it as it was.

From the hospital, the corpse of the innocent baby was taken home for burial. Before they could bury the child, it was discovered that the left foot of the newborn had been trimmed off. Without wasting time, the family went back to the hospital to demand the missing foot.


At the district hospital, the truth was not forthcoming except after much pressure had been put on the workers there, that a search was carried out. The search unveiled the unscrupulousness of two nurses who had cut off the foot and hid in a locker.

The foot was wrapped with a tissue paper and handed over to the family, who then left and went home with disgruntlement as they were not happy with the unsympathetic treatment they were given at the hospital considering the tragic situation they found themselves in.

The baby is suspected to have been suffocated to death by the concerned health personnel, presumably for rituals.

The forces of law and order with assistance from the two suspects who are still in detention are investigating to know what motivated this criminal act.



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