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Douala-Cameroon: Parts of city submerged under water as heavy rains cause flooding

Heavy down pour of rains  in Douala  has renderered  many families homeless. Homes have been inundated. Streets transformed into streams. The rain has been ceaseless for hours. New Town Airport is one of worse hit areas.Tropical monsoon rains and subsequent flooding are becoming more frequent in southwestern Cameroon, as well as in other countries with shores on the Gulf of Guinea. Each year the heavy rains seem to become more deadly and do more damage.


 Annual rainfall fluctuates from year to year, but in Douala, for example, averaged 3,000mm of rain per year between 1906 and 1965. This has since increased to 3,200mm in 1989 and 3,800 mm in 2010, before falling to 3,080mm in 2014, according to the National Department of Meteorology (DMN).  

Several unfulfilled promises were made last year when the city of Douala witnessed one of the most dangerous floods,but authorities have failed to live up to expectation.

The Douala city council promised to construct 40km drainage system in Douala for the time being but no concrete action has been taken. Government ministers trooped into Douala, promising heaven and earth, But areas like Makepe Missoke,Newton Airport have remained the same.

 There are fears with persistent downpour the effects of this year could be more devastating.

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