The future of female leaders in Cameroon

Leadership in Cameroon like in most parts of the world is highly male-dominated.
Since independence in the 60s, Cameroon has got only two divisional officers even though there are 58 divisions in the country.
The second lady was commissioned on July 19 in the South Region. Rachelle Nga Zang is the Divisional Officer of Mvila.
Most of the divisional officers, if not all, are trained by the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM).  And surprisingly this school receives female students every year.
Are women , thus, incompetent as administrators?
Is there anything holding them back?


This may prove hard to decipher given that there are female ministers, senators and you name them, in Cameroon.
But shockingly still, no woman has ever been governor in Cameroon. There are ten regions in the country, headed by a governor each.
This situation casts some doubt on the possibility of having a female president anytime soon.
Edith Kah Walla, the main, if not the only, female hopeful for the recent and upcoming presidential elections has a tough piece of meat to chew and swallow.
However, this may not shock some observers, who must have noted that the top preachers of democracy and equality have not had a female president since the start of their gospel. Look round; America and France- mothers,fathers, and great grand parents of democracy and freedom.



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