Yaounde: Irate sex hawkers almost lynch man for settling groin bills with counterfeit

A group of infuriated sex peddlers at Waka Brothel in Yaoundé almost lynched one of their customers for settling his groin bills with counterfeited banknotes.

The man, whose only name this reporter got as Paulo had reportedly received his salary and decided to stop at a gambling hub to catch fun with friends.

As he gambled, luck smiled on him as emerged winner of that round. Since the money was in coins, the cashier at the gambling centre proposed to convert the coins into papers.

This was a ploy by the cashier to include some counterfeited bank notes among the money. He hurriedly received the cash from the cashier with excitement and zoomed off to a pork joint to catch fun over some beer bottles.

As he boozed to stupor, he decided to seek a libidinal gratification from one of the commercial sex workers.

According to the prostitute, after having carnal knowledge of her for the entire night, she expected the man to reward her handsomely.

She said she had to bear the stench of constipated bulge, cigarettes, and the client’s inexperience.

“Moreover, it is during periods like this when salaries are out that we take advantage to squeeze some cash from customers. Business booms when salaries are out as men drink uncontrollably and act senselessly. We take advantage of their drunken state to turn on their love buttons for cash to flow.”

Meanwhile, at dawn, the man removed two 10.000 Frs. banknotes and slotted them into the girl’s hand and rushed out of the brothel.

Just as he stepped foot outside, it started raining. The man hurried back into the lady’s room.

The lady was still jubilating with her 20.000 Frs. that was given to her.

As she jumped round the room rejoicing, a beam of light from her coloured bulb flashed on the banknote and revealed it was counterfeit.

Her bright face fell and she screamed in bitterness. This caught the attention of her colleagues who descended on Paulo like a beehive.

The prostitutes beat the hell out of the sex glutton, tore his pants and uncovered his salary from his trouser. It was only after removing the money that the man’s life was spared. The sex hawkers then pushed the man into the rain to go home his wife.

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