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Excerpt of Agbor Balla's BBC Interview In Which He Calls For School Resumption

Barrister Felix Agbor Balla has called for the resumption of schools in anglophone Cameroon in an interview he gave on BBC's focus on Africa.


BBC Journalist: You have supporters in the US calling for secession, calling for separation, calling for Independence, calling for a state called Ambazonia.What do you think of that?
Agbor Balla: Independence is a very emotional  thing. Everybody likes it, but i look at the realistic aspect.I am a realised, I look at the feasibility of having it. I am for a federation that will bring the two Cameroons together to build a stronger country.
Lots of Anglophones are now talking about Federation including some moderate Francophones
BBC: you are one of those organizations that have called for parents to keep their children away from school.Do you still maintain that position?
Balla: When we called for children not to go to school, it was not suppose to be a long term measure, it was supposed to be a short term measure to try to call the attention of the Govt. to address the issue. I believe that now its time for kids to go back to school. I believe that its time for the leadership in Anglophone Cameroon to tell kids to go back to school.I urge leaders in Anglophone Cameroon to consider that kids should be able to go back to school
BBC:And the ghost towns, the disruption to the economy and small businesses, what do you have to say?
Balla: Well its a price that we all have to pay, I can understand a ghost town for one day, but when its two or three days, its heavy. Most of the business owners i talked too, can accept the ghost towns when you make it for one-day, but when it startS going up to two-three days, it affects the economy.We have to start thinking out of the Box
Dr Fontem and I, we don’t have our Ids, our bank accounts are blocked
BBC:Do you still follow thesame path?
Balla:Dr Fontem and I, we are still following the-same path.
There is no Anglophone in Cameroon who has made the kind of statements i have made since i left jail.There is no body!No body leaving in Cameroon, including the leaders of the opposition, including who want to run for president have made the kind of bold statements i have made.Nobody!    

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