Scenes Inside Angola's Mortuary "Viewer Descretion"

A Documentary made by the Angolan journalist Rafael Marques in Luanda , shows shocking footages at a mortuary.Warning!!!Graphic video!!!!

" The Morgue " is the title of the documentary by Rafael Marques .A prominent Angolan investigative journalist. For several hours , the journalist filmed scenes infront of the mortuary of Josina Machel Hospital of Luanda . His report shows the bodies of people who died of different illnesses , and how the corpses are left unattended to be taken care of by relatives.
The relatives must bring water to wash the bodies of their dead. No disinfection substances or clothing is provided.They wash the corpses in the backyard of the mortuary.One could count more than 20 bodies laid out in the open air as they are washed, dressed and tidied up by their loved ones in preparation for burial.
The bathwater has nowhere to drain away.  It pools on the floor, along with blood, discarded medical gloves, surgical masks, the clothes they were wearing when they died.  There is a single drainage which is blocked.Most of the relatives of the deceased  are only wearing flip-flops(slippers),some  are barefoot and barehand,while others try to protect themselves with gloves and masks.Gloves, masks, and bits and pieces of clothing litter the floor which is wet, dirty and bloody.
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