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Cavaye Yegue's Hold In Parliament: Brilliance Or Weak Opposition

Hon CAVAYE Yegue Djibril will now celebrate his silver jubilee as Speaker of the National Assembly. Twenty five times he has been elected to lead the lower house of Parliament.

The MP from Mayo Sava division in the Far north region remains the oldest member of Parliament, spending 47 years, the age of former Ivorian Prime minister and now House speaker Guillaume Soro.


What is even more intriguing is why he has always won the election as House speaker with no rival either from the CPDM or opposition parties. When Cameroon concord put this observation to Hon Cyprain Awudu Mbaya he explains that it is a waste of time for the SDF to chose a candidate to challenge the long serving House speaker.

"How do u expect us to contest the House speaker when the ruling CPDM has a sweeping majority in the house? They have always put in mechanisms to block us from exercising our rights" he lamented.

Hon CAVAYE Yegue Djibril is a die hard member of the ruling CPDM party and enjoys so much support from over 145 MPs of the CPDM coloration. Besides prior to the election of bureau members, MPs of the party always meets with their hierarchy where strict instructions are given on who will stand . Thus dismissing any possibility of a rivalry within the governing party.


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