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Round the Republic of Southern Cameroons with Elmer Lunga

Southern Cameroonians have been seeking to know if the CPDM government bribed Justice Paul Ayah to drop as SCNC Chairman. Justice Ayah was seen recently at a pro-SCNC event but some reports say the much respected Manyu elite stayed “mute” throughout the ceremony.

Some Southern Cameroonians from the North West region who still pay allegiance to La Republique du Cameroun have raised a finger over the recent upgrading of Magistrates by the Judicial Council headed by President Biya. They say that the North West region was marginalized.

The people of Southern Cameroons have again been fed stories ever since the arrival of Chadian forces in La Republique of US and Russia pledging to help their Francophone brothers and sisters to liberate their territory from Boko Haram incursion.

Southern Cameroonians have openly expressed concerns over what many describe as a deliberate delay in the prosecution of cabinet ministers in La Republique charged with financial crimes by the Special Criminal Court. Some have pointed accusing fingers at the Head of State of La Republique.

Rumour is circulating in Southern Cameroons that the leader of La Republique President Paul Biya is now setting the stage for a real football man to take over as president of the Cameroon Football Federation. All fingers are pointing at Bell Antoine as the progressive CPDM barons who now surround the Head of State of La Republique have levied embezzlement charges on the highly-favoured Joseph Owona and FIFA candidate-Tombi Roko.

The immunity of an SDF member of parliament Hon. Fusi Naamukong is reportedly on fire as the Southern Cameroonian citizen is implicated in forgery.

The big bosses of a sister organization of the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement known as ELECAM are at daggers-drawn positions. Mohaman Sani and Fonkam are in a state of kill or get killed. Appointments at ELECAM are now solely for La Republique.

One of the most unpopular mayor in Southern Cameroons history Mayor Ekema of Buea has responded to the great Chief Molinge saying “No one wished him dead”.

Southern Cameroons mayors who are still collaborating with La Republiques’s FEICOM have made it public that its leader Emile Andze Andze has defrauded mayors of their accommodation allowance.

The taxation department of the South West region in Southern Cameroons has announced that it is poised to beat the FCFA 8.97 billion target set by their colonial masters of La Republique du Cameroun.

Finally, some Southern Cameroonians say the images of the late dictator Ahmadou Ahidjo are rare in the National Museum.





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