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Sabga is hell: A letter to the Editor

It is terrible at the B.I.R training camp at Sabga.Every day a young guy looses his life in the name of military training and despite this training they are still killed like flies by the Boko Haram terrorist at the northern end of Cameroon.What the head of state and the officers in charge of training these guys have to know is that it is not brutal training and physical energy that will make the BIR win the BH terrorist in the so called war the head of state has declared.It is experience and tact which is required to handle the BH insurgents.This training Camp in my village is a turn to the flesh for my people for this guys have been trained like animals and they do not reason like human beings.The people of Babanki and Sabga as a whole are subjected to brutality as they drink and beat the people both young and old.They harass women old and young for sex and at times brutally assault this women sexually and the girls give in to them out of fear.This is my experience in the village on the 1st two days of new year 2015.

Thanks, wishing you a wonderful and successful new year 2015.

Alexander Sam Wulakong

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