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Coller La Petite,": Franko's Hit That Has Reached Climax Worldwide Thanks To The S.D.O Of Mifi Joseph Tangwa

Cameroonian artist Franko’s newest song “Coller La Petite”, is an unmistakable club banger. The uptempo track is gaining serious heat in clubs worldwide  thanks to its infectious hook and ceaseless beat. Co-signs from soccer stars Didier Drogba and Alex Song, haven’t hurt the song’s reputation either.

“Coller La Petite” is a single made for the dance floor. The song’s music video only further proves this by following Franko as he gets hype in a packed night-club filled with dance crews and lively party-goers, all moving along to the track’s drum-filled rhythms.

The video for this song  has been watched more than two million times on Youtube. "Coller la petite," which translates to something like "Stick to the girl."  urges men to hold their female partners tight. It is a runaway regional dance hit.

But one Cameroonian S.D.O by name  Joseph Tangwa Fover, the most senior administrative official in the Mifi district of western Cameroon, has banned the sale and broadcast of the song saying it promotes public indecency.The ban on the contrary helped to promote the music to top charts nationwide.

"What is bad in the song is the message which changes the behavior of our youths. When you play it the dancing style changes and it leads to unwanted pregnancies according to the conservative S.D.O. If a man brought good music saying that people should go to the farm, will I stop it? This particular song does not respect our normal behavior,” Fover said. “Our children should be responsible. Their parents should be responsible. Even those composing these songs should be responsible. The music that does not augur well to our own culture should be wiped out of the society."But what happened?The song got more than 3 million clicks on youtube just under 2 months.

One of Franko's managers, Atangana Parfait, said music should express reality in Cameroon. He said there are noise-making, self-proclaimed moral guides who are trying to blame all Cameroon's problems on music. He said they are wrong.

Detractors say youth are embracing Western attitudes and have lost touch with traditional values, like respect for elders and modesty.

Franko is not the only Cameroonian artist who has been accused of promoting immoral or illegal behavior.

Veteran musician Lapiro De Mbanga was banned from state media for being critical of the government. He went into exile and died in America last year.

Pop artists and rappers like Petit Pays, K' Tino, Lady Ponce, Tonton Ebogo and Joceline Bizar have been accused of producing music that is pornographic in nature. State radio and television refuse to broadcast their songs but private media jam the airwaves with it.

Musician Ama Pierrot said banning music will not fix societal problems.


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