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Anglophone Crisis Cameroon: Consortium Calls For Intensified Ghost Towns

Since October 2016, the Cameroonian government has been facing stiff protest from the English speaking minority in the country. This crises which began with strike actions from lawyers and teachers of the former Southern Cameroon where English is the official language, has now turn to outright calls for a return to the restoration of the Southern Cameroonian State. The centralized, bureaucratic government in Yaoundé has responded brutally with arrest, killings, hijacking, shutting down internet and banning all organizations that have called for civil disobedience or total separation from the French speaking part of Cameroon.

The outlawed Consortium leaders arrested some weeks ago were on trial yesterday at the Military court in Yaoundé. The trial was postpone to 23rd of March. These tough measures taken by the government, has radicalized most denizens Southern Cameroon, and amidst fears the Biya regime will eventually cut phone calls, the interim Consortium leaders who are in Europe and America are calling for renewed strike actions.

In one of his Facebook posts, Mark Bareta interim Consortium leader writes;

The Truth is that most Southern Cameroonians want restoration of their independence. The situation back home has pushed many to abandoned Federation. However, to achieve any of the above, there is a cost we must pay as the consortium pushes it's diplomatic front. That cost is to continue shutting down schools, observing ghost towns, boycotting their police,gendarmes and take our case to fons,chiefs,quarter heads, refuse paying taxes to council or state. We must employ other economic boycotts to hurt La Republique. Please our communication back home must be aggressive. We need patience to get free from 56 years of La Republique bondage.

Based on our numerous protest abroad, several letters written to the UN, we have been informed by our covert operatives that the UN is planning a fact-finding mission to Southern Cameroons. However, Biya is resisting! He claims all is well, that lawyers are okay now, classes have resumed & life has returned to normal. Says he has named Bishop Kleda as mediator to complete normalization. Reason they hurriedly brought back the dissolved Ad-hoc committee and held a conference last two nights to tell lies, claiming all is ok & claim to create polytechnic for us! This conference was purposely done to refuse the fact finding mission coming in.

Our people, our UN contact advises we must keep the pressure strong, total boycott of schools, camtel, crtv, women's day celebrations & even more heavy ghost towns to hasten their coming to insist on referendum to free us as fast as possible. This will take all of us to engage. This information La Republique cannot share but we are privileged to have such.

As you read us, please circulate this message through SMS and other means back home. Tell your friends, neighbors & all to stay home Monday, Tuesday till the end of February when ghost days shall be reviewed. Remember NO schools.

Everyone of us have as responsibility to ensure that Ghost days are implemented and schools remain closed.

For the Consortium.

Tassang, Bareta and Tapang.

Circulate as widely as you can!!!!
Cc: Tapang Ivo Tanku

Concord Essen

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