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UBA Empowers Youths in Ghana

On Tuesday July 4th, 2017, The UBA Foundation, the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc, continued on its quest to educate and empower African youths as it visited the Accra High School in Ghana. UBA Foundation Read Africa Initiative was launched in 2011 and has been changing the lives of African students across the continent for six years. The Project is aimed at encouraging children to improve their vocabulary and communication skills through reading. Through its Read Africa initiative, the UBA Foundation is helping rekindle the dwindling reading culture amongst African youths as they pursue their education. Over a hundred thousand books and educational materials have been donated to various schools across Africa as UBA Foundation continues to traverse the continent, contributing positively to the development of African youths.

The Accra High school assembly hall was packed with over 500 energetic and enthusiastic high school students who were already in reading mode as they prepare for their exams next week. They were eager to talk about their own ambitions and to read passages from The Fishermen.
Bola Atta, Acting CEO of the UBA Foundation, told the children that the Foundation was eager to give back to society and to contribute to creating  dynamic educational platforms for future generations on the continent. She encouraged the students to read voraciously saying: ‘the pursuit of knowledge should be a lifelong activity that starts at a very young age. You should read all types of books so that you can explore and shape your own narrative.’

Abiola Bawuah, the CEO of UBA Ghana who was also present, advised the students to pay a lot of attention to studying. ‘Don’t spend all your time glued to your mobile phones. Spare some moments for reading also’ said Bawuah.
The Assistant Head master of Accra High School, Michael Addo thanked the UBA Foundation for coming to their Aid.

United Bank for Africa (UBA)Plc, Africa's global bank, is committed to being a socially responsible company and role model for all businesses in Africa. UBA understands that there is a need for a social contract between the bank, the communities in which it operates, and its people. To this end, in 2006, UBA became the first bank in Nigeria to institute a foundation, the UBA Foundation. As the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the UBA Group, UBA Foundation is committed to the socio-economic betterment of communities across the African continent focusing on development in the areas of Environment, Education, Economic Empowerment and Special Projects.




Former Mayor of Buea, Senator Mbela Moki Charles, whose elevation to the higher powers of Yaounde was greeted with joy by a majority of Anglophones has lashed out at his successor calling him an Academic terrorists.Patrick Ekema Esunge stole the spotlight during the installation of Ngomo Horace Manga and Ako Edward Oben as Vice and Pro Chancellor of UB respectively when he was jeered for entering the prestigious institution through the back door, haven failed his A levels.

Senator Mbela acknowledges academic fraudsters as terrorists and questioned why the youths didn’t request the Mayor to be escorted out of the ceremony.He further explained that no fraudster is to be granted any courtesy to mount a high stage in a place like UB.

Additionally, he questioned leading authorities of Buea for locking up Barrister Balla and Fontem but couldn’t arrest the said fraudster. It is no doubt that the legacy left behind by Senator Mbela has been completely ruined by his successor whose reign has been marked by violence.

The mayor has once been involved in a case of adultery where naked photos of him and his mistress stormed the social media. He has also been involved in a case of gun assault and brutalization involving fellow citizens. Ekema Patrick was the 1st Deputy Mayor of Mbella Moki but the pair became foes following

All eyes on this one, as the masses look up to see the reaction of his godmother Dorothy L. Njeuma, former Vc of UB, who granted him admission.


At about 4am July 7, prison guards stormed the cells hosting leaders of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium Leaders in the Kondengui Principal Prison in Yaounde.

Barrister Felix Agbor Balla NKongho and Dr Fontem Aforteka’a Neba were taken unawares when the wardens barged into their cells, ransacking them and confiscating valuables. We gathered the prison guards seized all communication gadgets they found in both jail cells and equally took away all money they found therein.

We also gathered the consortium leaders have been under lock and key since July 7. Visits are said to have been curtailed and the few visitors who are privileged to be given access to the duo, are thoroughly searched down to their underwear. The visitors are allowed to speak with the inmates only in the presence of a multitude of prison guards, we learned.

Sources say the raid on the jail cells was carried out following instructions from the Ministry of Justice. Our source posited government could be trying to look for evidence to use in the on-going trial at the Yaounde Military Tribunal, of the consortium leaders and 71 other Anglophone detainees.

It is alleged the confiscated material were taken to the ‘Department for External Research commonly known by its French language abbreviation DGRE. The security facility beside the Yaounde Municpal Lake is said to be investigating the alleged crimes of the Anglophone detainees. Fears are rife the Consortium leaders may be transferred to secret detention centres of the facility where detainees are said to be tortured and locked up in unmarked poorly ventilated cells.

We also learned last Friday’s raid was not limited to the consortium leaders. Jailed RFI journalist, Ahmed Abba, former mayor of Kolofata, Maitre Harrisou, a certain pastor and four other detainees were reportedly subjected to the same treatment.

It should be recalled that Barrister Felix Agbor Kongho and Dr Fontem Neba were arrested on Tuesday January 17 in Buea and transferred overnight to Yaounde where they were detained in the dungeons of the gendarmerie headquarters for two days. They were transferred to the Kondengui Principal Prison January 20 and were later on charged by the military tribunal with terrorism, rebellion, insurrection, revolution among other related offences. They face a death penalty if found guilty.

Many other Anglophones, including journalists arrested for allegedly committing crimes during the on-going protests against marginalisation of minority English-speaking Cameroonians, are yet to be charged. Such is the case with Atia Tilarious of The Sun newspaper, Amos Fofung of The Guardian Post and Mofor Ndong of Voice of the Voiceless newspaper arrested in Buea on February 9 and transferred to Yaounde. Others include Suh Funwi Paul Vincent, arrested on March 31st, Acha Constantine, Nyalum Gilbert, Nyombella Valery, Atanga Celestine,Mbuh Rene, Rev Fr Andrew Ambeazieh and Nche Benjamin.

Critics are wondering why Government will resort to such crude moves if it is confident it has a good case against the Anglophone leaders.


Southern Cameroonian at the AU Commission

Cameroon’s Sarah Mbi Enow Anyang Agbor is now the Commissioner for Human Resources, Science and Technology of the African Union Commission, AU.

According to a release signed by Dion Ngute Joseph, Minister Delegate in charge of Relations with the Commonwealth, Sarah Mbi Enow Anyang Agbor’s election into the AU on June 30, marks Cameroon’s return within the executive of the commission, six years after the death of Elisabeth Tankeu who served as Commissioner of Trade.

Sarah Mbi Enow Anyang Agbor was born on May 2, 1969 and holds a PhD in  English literature. Before her election in Addis Ababa, she held the post of Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of research, cooperation and relations with the business world at the University of Bamenda. She was a vital link in the enhancement of the teaching and learning process in Cameroon with her department showcasing several MOU’s signed for the University of Bamenda to mentor some private Higher Institutions of learning in barely five years since the University went operational.The faithful Catholic from Besonghabang, Manyu Division, South West Region features prominently among women who make the nation proud in leadership.

Her election, comes  barely few months after another Cameroonian woman, Vera Songwe was appointed to head the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.


The Attorney General at the Centre Court of Appeal Jean Fils Ntamak has revealed that the late Bishop of Bafia Diocese His Lordship Jean Marie Benoit Bala was probably not killed contrary to position of Catholic Bishops.In a release made public Tuesday July 4, 2017 he stated that after thorough investigations carried out on the body of the Bishop who disappeared for three days before his body was found in the Sanaga River, it was concluded that he probably drowned in water.

He said medical and forensic experts sent by Interpol after working on the body concluded that there was no violence of any form on the body of the prelate.The Attorney General said the body will be handed over to the Catholic Church for burial while investigations will continue. He did not specify the type of investigations that will be done without the body.

This outing comes to contradict that of Bishops of Cameroon who on June 14, 2017 declared that Bishop Bala was, “Brutally assassinated.”It also comes to contradict popular opinion which held that the Man of God was tortured on May 30, 2017 for several hours before being dumped in the Sanaga River.

However questions on the circumstances which led to his death, why his sandals were wrongly placed and why his stomach remained flat have not been answered.The Catholic Church has not reacted.

The President of the National Communication Council has warned cable distributors in the North West and South West regions airing signals of the Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation that will be heavily sanctioned if they continue doing so.Peter Essoka who was speaking during a working session with media professionals in Bamenda described their acts as rebellious, illegal and clandestine. 

There is no doubt the SCBC has gained grounds and is very popular in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon. But Peter Essoka says the channel based in South Africa is out to destabilize the country. He advised cable operators against distributing such content whose legality is unknown. He says that the vision of the SCBC is against the fundamental  principles of the state.

The veteran journalist has urged cable distributors to  legalize their status or face crackdown from authorities.

Peter Essoka's warnings comes on the heels of the arrest of a Ndop based cable distributor arrested for allegely broadcasting SCBC signals. Others have gone into hiding as they fear brutal crackdown from the regime as even viewers who patronize the channel now live in fear.

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