Biya Gov’t faces backlash as masses boycott May 20th celebrations

The most parroted unity and indivisibility of Cameroon by President Paul Biya and his political puppets and cronies is experiencing a backlash as massive boycott of today’s celebration looms.

When the SDF first expressed its intention to boycott this year’s national day celebrations on grounds that it militants cannot be celebrating a so called unity, when one part of the country is in pain, Biya’s political gadflies took to the media, raining insults on the party and its Chairman and accusing the party of financing and promoting secessionist tendencies in the country.

Pages of pro-government newspapers were replete with derogatory write-ups about Fru Ndi and his SDF party and airtime on radios and television stations was conveniently filled up to by agents of the regime to convince Cameroonians why they must celebrate the National Day.

After the bashing of the SDF and it leadership, other political parties began taking their turns to crusade for a massive boycott of the event.

 The next party to advocate for a boycott of the event was the Cameroon People’s Party (CPP) of Edith Kahbang Walla.

According to the CPP National President, her party cannot take part in this year’s National Day celebrations because of the callous management of the Anglophone crisis by the Biya Government.

“We cannot participate in official festivities when we do not agree with the current management of the Anglophone Crisis. No celebration of national unity in exclusion, violation of fundamental rights and repression,” Kah Walla asserted.

She, however, warned the party’s militants that the national unity which Biya’s apologetics were singing was just an illusion, while the country was gradually sinking into the abyss of civil war because of bad governance.

She advised Cameroonians to use this year’s National Day to reflect on the way forward.

“Instead of participating in this superficial ceremony that increasingly resembles a personality cult, we should instead come together to define ways to build a nation truly united, strong, just and prosperous,” Kah Walla said.

Even though the Government, through her propagandist arm (CRTV) tried to penetrate the CPP and cause rancour between the party’s officials, the party hierarchy was able to quickly bury the hatchet and moved forward.

Another party that has declared her intention to snub this year’s National Day is the Popular Action Party (PAP) of Honourable Justice Ayah Paul Abine.

The militants are aggrieved by the unjust arrest and detention of their National Chairman.

Others political parties like United Socialist Democratic Party (USDP) of Prince Michael Ekosso, the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) and the Patriotic Party of Jean De Dieu Momo, are all calling for a boycott of the event.

Meanwhile, Government henchmen in the Regions like Governors, Senior Divisional Officers, Divisional Officers and others have already devised strategies to ensure that today’s vent shouldn’t fail.

Prisons doors will be opened for prisoners to go and match to give a semblance of national unity like what happened in the Southwest on February 11, when Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai, let loose harden criminals to go and march as youth of the Region.

The criminals used the opportunity to gain their freedom by escaping after march-past.

This time around, Okalia Bilai has instructed security officers to restrict private television

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