Cameroon : A Remarkable Contribution To Peace Keeping In The World-Paul Biya

Cameroon has always taken an active part in Peace-Keeping Operations (PKO) initiated by both the United Nations (UN) and the African Union (AU).
The different Cameroonian contingents were often made up of military, police, military bservers and others. The participation of Cameroon’s Defense Forces (CDF) in Peace Keeping Operations (PKO) at times takes the individual form, at times the collective form, with respect to the strategic, operational and / or tactical level of (PKO).
Overall, the participation of (CDF) in (PKO) in Africa is quite often individual, as was the case in Darfur (Sudan), Angola, DRC, Rwanda, CAR, Ivory Coast and Mali.
In these cases, many warrant officers and officers of (CDF) were sent on request of the UN and / or the AU as observers.
They often meet at the operational and even at the strategic level, either because of their individual skills, or through seats reserved for Cameroon.
In 1955, a contingent of 20 Cameroonian soldiers intervened in South Kivu (DRC) at the request of the High Commissioner of Refugees. Thereafter, groups of 03, then 05 offi cers also intervened in Rwanda and the DRC as observers in 1995.
A staff officer of our forces also participated in the United Nations mission in Congo (UNMC), which ensures the implementation of peace agreement in the country.
Furthermore, the Cameroonian government has placed at the disposal of the United Nations Mission in Central African Republic (UNMCAR), on the 8th of February 1999, a staff for the training of civilian police.
At expiration of the mandate of the (UNMCAR), in February 2000, a Cameroonian senior officer was occupying the head of training of the civilian police, function that was maintained within the frameworkof support office of the United Nations for the Consolidation of Peace in Central African Republic (SOUNCPCA).
In July 2009, another element of the (CDF) held the position of senior officer for logistics within the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM).
Cameroonian Defense Forces responded by contingents of four officers on behalf of the AU in South Sudan within the framework of «Darfur DESK» (operations monitoring program for the benefi t of the AU).
From 2005, contingents of 10, then of 20 observers succeeded one other. Since the transition from African Union Mission in Sudan (AUMS) to the United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNMD), they are groups of 05 officers in relays.
In Ethiopia, a Cameroonian officer was part of the staff of the African Standby Force (ASF), and since 2003 in Ivory Coast; another one is part of the staff of the United Nations mission in Ivory Coast (UNMIC) serving as a military representative of the President of the AU Commission.
One can recall that Cameroonian police were of the humanitarian mission in Goma (actual DRC) between 1994 and 1998 - 2000, and later in the framework of the (UNMC), in the DRC in 2006.
Cameroon also participated in peace-keeping missions in Cambodia, Haiti, etc.
The case of CAR is even more remarkable. In point of fact, since 2008, Cameroon is present in CAR alongside other ECCAS countries for the mission of peace building in the country. It is a contingent of 107 people in addition to the 4 staff officers, 12 support staff and the Chief of Staff.
And since June 2013, within the framework of the international support Mission in Central African Republic under African leadership (ISMCA) decided upon by the Peace and Security Council of the African Union (PSCAU), Cameroon still sent 517 soldiers and 320 policemen, given a total of 837 elements.
In recognition of the professionalism of the Cameroonian army, two Cameroonian generals succeeded one another at the head of these CAR missions. In 2009, Brigadier General Hector Marie Tchemo was commander of the (UNMCAR) and since 2013; the General Tumenta Chomu Martin is the Commander of the International Support Mission in Central African Republic (ISMCA) under the aegis of the UN.
Other Cameroonians have also held leadership positions with a political dimension in the UN, within the framework of peace-keeping operation missions in Africa, with the rank and prerogatives of UN Secretary-General:
• Jacques Roger Booh Booh, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General to (UNAMIR) in Rwanda ;
• Amos Namanga Ngongi, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General to MONUC in the DRC ;
• Dooh Kingue, Managing Director of UNITAR (Training and Research), with the rank and prerogatives of Deputy UN Secretary General.
• Barrister Bernard Acho Muna, (03 times Dean of the lawyers of Cameroon), Deputy Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) from 1997 to 2002 ;
• Paul Bamela Engo, Judge at the International Tribunal on Sea Law in Hamburg.
With the creation of the African Standby Force (ASF), and the establishment of regional brigades, Cameroon takes an active part in the multinational force of Central Africa (MFOCA) and Rapid Alert Mechanism of Central Africa (RAMCA).
Cameroon is also a candidate to host the Continental Logistics Base (CLB) where the logistic devices will be stored to later on be assigned to peace - keeping missions initiated and conducted under the banner of African institutions.
Our country, which in its cooperation with the UN and the AU puts its seaport and airport infrastructure at the disposal of the Peace-Keeping Operations (PKO), is highly appreciated by the UN and African organizations coordinating the conduct of this peace - keeping missions.
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