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Cameroon: Anti Boko Haram special security meeting begins in Yaounde

A special security meeting grouping Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Commission of the Lake Chad Basin and Benin has opened on Friday in Yaounde. The Joint Multinational Force of the Commission of the Lake Chad Basin (LCBC) and Benin will examine the job done so far in combating the Nigerian Islamic sect, Boko Haram.

The meeting holding at the Congress Hall in Yaounde is being attended by senior officials of the defense forces of member countries of the LCBC and Benin including the commander of the Joint Multinational Force (FMM), Major General Lo Adeosun. The forum also aims at evaluating military strategy, self-criticism, adjustment and remobilization. 

In his opening remarks, Cameroon’s Joint Chief of Army Staff, Rene Claude Meka, revealed that some adjustments were needed on basis of the realities on the ground. Nigeria’s Major General Adeosun hinted that some proposals have been made to be approved referring particularly to the divisions of certain sectors.

The Friday discussions includes coordination and liaison between FMM and domestic operations and necessary adaptation of the concept of operations received from the civilian authorities of member countries of the LCBC and Benin.

The military leaders also observed that proposals for financial support for the Force were made at a high political level. But many promises have not yet been realized. A delegation of the African Union is to stay in N'Djamena to try to accelerate the process of release of funds.

Meanwhile, FMM suggested the deployment of its police unit. This unit remained in reserve, waiting for the right moment which is already recognized. The leaders have agreed that the MMF Police Unit must urgently establish the authority of the state in the areas that were occupied by Boko Haram.


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