Cameroon: Inter-ministerial committee meeting in Yaoundé to seek ways of cutting government spendings

Government spendings is said to be very extravagant. For over 30 years, mr Biya and his Beti relations have been ruling the country as their private business or family heritage. Cameroon is the only country in Africa where civil servants change service cars after every 3 years which of course the price of each of those vehicles can construct 5 class rooms for students. These luxurious cars are fuelled and maintained by the state with tax payers money leaving them to wallow in abject poverty. These purported service cars are most often used to run errands, drop children to school and serve many other family purposes than running only state affairs.Some are packed in the administrative garage and packing lots of some top barrons of the regime at the expense of the local population.

Another Machiavelli strategy that help them swell their bank accounts is the organization of multiple seminars in the country, series of trips and endless missions abroad and all these fictitious missions are accompanied with fabulous sums of money as allowances. The president of the republic, mr Biya single handedly manages the petroleum budget in the country. This permits him and his usual obsessed delegation to travel out of the country every now and then, lodge in sumptuous hotels, eat good food and carry out their private affairs meanwhile Cameroonians continue lavishing in misery. The inflation of prices of office equipment where a pen sold for 50frs CFA is bought for 2000frs CFA amongst many other items.


The inter ministerial committee meeting in Yaouande for ten days has as task which is very daunting to seek meaningful solutions to curb these shortcomings and lapses in the preparation of the 2018 state budget while making reference to the presidential circular which has defined the various sectors of interest for next year's state budget where priority is given to investment budget than functional which has not always been the case.

The media, civil society activists and the local population have  denounced the high living standard of government times without number but the practice still remained normal until the IMF, world bank and other international financial institutions began threatening the Yaoundé of a possible return to the structural adjustment programme that mr Biya had to come out and ask his tribalistic government to seek measures on cutting government spendings.

The inter ministerial committee meeting at the Yaoundé Hilton hotel in its 6th edition will surely propose good measures but are they going to be implement since all the members are at the same time those to execute the budget. This situation has eaten deep into the fibres of the new deal regime. It will be an uphill task for government spendings and extravagant lifestyle to witness a major reduction. This wayward and exaggerated spendings have left the country's economy into total ruin.

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