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Cameroon: Militants Credit Biya for accomplishing Cameroon's 2015 Agenda

Cameroon Tribune of yesterday Nov. 7 published the accomplishment of activities of President Biya for the year 2015 entitled "His Excellency Paul Biya the choice of realism and of reasoning", authored by 'Paul Atanga Nji Minister In charge of Missions at the Presidency'."While going through the statistics provided by 'HOT NEWS, we can evidently see that the Agenda of His Excellency Paul Biya did not rest at all. Elected man of the year 2015, the Head of State studied 245 000(Two Hundred and Forty Five Thousand) files in 2015(files on instructions and observations), and signed 9400decrees in the course of that same year.

In 2015, the Head of State received 250 delegations and participated in most of large international conference. This statistics projects to skeptics and other prophets of doom that for Cameroon to be solid and well respected, it is certainly being governed by a Head of State who checks to the least. Laudatory findings, I can confirm without riskany mistake that the candidature of His Excellency Paul Biya in the next Presidential election is a choice of realism and of reason"."The Holy Scriptures teaches us that a blind man can never lead another blind man. This is to say that every human being needs to be well guided to build his proper life"."The Holy Scriptures also teaches us that many are called but few are chosen. Each one of us, sees the job of the other and always thinks that it is easy, but once tested with it, you discover the contrary.

How easy it is to criticize, but the art is difficult. Every one follows his destiny on earth. This destiny is a mission. There are men who are born to guide others, and there are those who have to be guided.Our country still needs His Excellency Paul Biya. He knows Cameroon and Cameroonians know him".All these is an extract from the article of Paul Atanga Nji, Member of the CPDM central Committee, already campaigning for his master.Oh! how these men disgrace themselves day and night, and continuously blunder in incorrigible errors.


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