Cameroon:Tassang Wilfred Rejoins Consortium, Communique For 11 February Boycott Released

Mr. Tassang Wilfred officially rejoins the Consortium. Sends first official statement with the Consortium interim Leaders Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo Tanku. The communique emphasizes the need for Ghost towns to be effective on Friday and Saturday, condemns administrators forcing parents to go out and march etc, condemns Buea Education secretariat to force start schools amongst others.

Dear West Cameroonian.

The Consortium is pleased to congratulate you all for your resilience in the face of all forms of pressure and threats from a government that has refused to look at facts in the face, acknowledge your sufferings and settle down to discuss frankly and honestly on how to bring about lasting solutions.

By ignoring the ignoble action of some of our trade union officials purporting to call off the school boycotts, you sent a clear message not only to Yaounde but to the entire world that the time has come for a people once considered as slaves, to assert themselves and regain their freedom. Slavery and servitude of any kind were made criminal in the world way back in the 19th century and it is not in Cameroon that such shall be tolerated.

For those of you who still doubted that the Yaounde authorities have been meting out the inhuman treatment we have experienced for 55 years on us deliberately, a secret memo written in 1985 by the former French Ambassador to Cameroon was leaked out a few days ago.

At the level of the universities, particularly the University of Buea, clearly verified information indicates that police constables and inspectors In training in Mutengene are being hired to impersonate as students and march on that day in the name of that Anglo-Saxon institution. In the same light. the Catholic Education Secretary at the Buea Diocese. a Francophone is arm-twisting students to resume school at all costs this Thursday. February 8. 2017. with the only objective of ensuring they march on Saturday.
As if that was not enough. the Governor of the South West Region, who is also Board Chairman of Pamol Plantations Plc and Member of the Board of Directors of the CDC is putting enommous pressure on the management of these companies to impose on their employees to either go out and march, posing as students or be fired from their jobs.
As indicated on their release: the Bishops simply reiterated a truth we all know, that their campuses, like all other schools for that matter, have always been open. It is us the parents who have refused to send our children to school because we want a better future for them.Truth be told, that no one can love our children better than us. It is our duty to take the best decisions in their interest knowing fully well that their future shall be rendered brighter by our action.

Need for intense civil disobedience

In addition to the ghost town operations prescribed every Monday and Tuesday across West Cameroon, we are henceforth calling on our business community to desist from paying any form of taxes to whomever. It is unacceptable that all our wealth is being caned to other regions to ensure their development, while we continue to lack the most basic amenities.
The Consortium is still finding it difficult to understand how our major companies are forced to pay their taxes either in Douala or Yaounde, while our treasuries get labelled as some of the poorest in the country. It results in the unfortunate situation whereby our businessmen and women execute contracts and wait for several months or even years to be paid.

The Consortium is still to be given convincing explanations why localities like Mundemba and Ekondo Titi where all the oil of the Republic is drilled do not enjoy any royalties that could speed up their development, while peoples' farms in the South Region are linked excellently tarred roads. The same goes for council areas in Kupe Muanenguba. Meme and Manyu, where timber is exploited and no royalties are paid like it is the case in other places like Belabo and Batouri in the East Region.
These reasons and much more explain why we must not continue to pay taxes to a corrupt administration which does not have our interest at hand. While looking forward to a massive and total boycott of 11 February festivities, with ghost towns beginning this Friday  February 9. 2017. at 6 pm, the Consortium calls on us all to continue praying and fasting for God to do what he has promised his people of West Cameroon.

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