Crowds fill Mvan military airbase to watch Biya’s Ninjas

Population turns out massively to take part in this year’s edition of the open door day at the Mvan military center in Yaounde, with thousands of people present.

The open door day of the Mvan Military centre in Yaounde, is one of those activities which culminates with the 20th May celebration in Cameroon every year. It holds on every eve of the National feast.

Prior to the afternoon activities, as early as 7:00am individuals could already be spotted in the military base’s premises. With smiling faces, probably depicting the anxiety in them, they loitered outside the gate as everybody had to be searched before they got in. This was to avert the security threats that Cameroon has been facing lately.

Those who came earlier got nice seats or positions from where they could have a better view of everything that was going on, most especially the display of the soldiers with their aircrafts.

Considering the resoluteness of the population, not even the scorching sun or standing up for long periods could deter them from waiting to watch the spectacular show by the military, which could at times be turned against them by the regime. The spectacle only commenced later in the afternoon after the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, Joseph Beti Assomo had arrived.

No aircraft display caught the attention of the onlookers as that of parachuting, especially the case of a soldier who escaped the claws of death, when he almost landed on high tension electrical wires. Due to the windy nature of the weather, his parachute pulled him towards the wrong direction despite his efforts to control it.

This proves how the gangster regime transforms its military to the extent that they are ready to sacrifice their lives in demonstrating the prowess of the regimes armed forces.


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