Emmanuel Macron sets an example for Cameroon

The new French president may just be 39, yet he has a lot to teach the old regime in Yaounde.

The first step President Emmanuel Macron has taken has revealed the gap between France and Cameroon.

Unlike the populous government in Yaounde, the Macron team comprises just 18 ministers and 4 secretaries of State.

Mr Biya’s government is made up of more than 60 ministers, secretaries of State, and minister delegates.

And shockingly, Cameroon is neither richer, nor more developed than France. Much less more populated than France.

The total pollution of Cameroon is less than 26 million meanwhile France’s population is over 60 million.

France has been a developed nation for decades now. Yet Cameroon is “poor” and heavily indebted, with questionable emergence ambitions by 2035.

The average Cameroonian lives far below $2.

And most shockingly each of these ministers is entitled to special benefits and services, including lodging and transportation; all to the detriment of desperate taxpayers.

So you can understand why ministerial appointments are always accompanied by extravagant feasting, beginning from the regional level descending down to the divisional and sub divisional levels and finally, to the village level.

Certainly wisdom does not require time to manifest itself. Longevity may only confidently bring experience but necessarily wise decisions.

Is not possible to avoid redundancy by reviewing the structure of our government? The Ministry of Secondary Education, Ministry of Basic Education and Ministry of Higher Education could be brought down to just one ministry: The Ministry of Education.

Why must there a vice-prime minister, especially when there is no vice-president?


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