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Eric Kingue to challenge Biya in 2018


The former Mayor of Njombe-Penja  has announced he will be running for the 2018 Presidential election. Paul Eric Kingue declared his candidature for the pools over the weekend in Douala. It will be under a new platform he heads , the New Cameroon Patriotic Movement, MPCN  that he will challenge imcumbent Paul Biya.

Paul Eric Kingue believes that Cameroon is "sick" and it is time to change everything. He has denounced the misery and favoritism that has chocked the country. He has vowed to bring equality in a country corruption has deprived many Cameroonians their rightful place in the country. The former militant of Biya's CPDM says power belongs to the base and the base must have a say in all major decisions  affecting the country.

Speaking to his militants who thronged the ceremonial ground , the political actor says he would unveil his manifesto to the public in the days ahead. Amongst the reforms  to be made by his party is a review of the electoral code, two round election, and a single ballot paper. At a time when most officials put in prison for corruption and other misdeeds are graduates from the School of Administration and Magistracy ENAM, the MPCN hopes to review the institution.

Following his resignation from the CPDM, Eric Kingue has denied any similarities with French President Emmanuel Macron. To him,  he is a Cameroonian and does not want to be assimilated by imperialist cultures. He wants to create his own political model with 20 years political experience. He has revealed he was approached by some political parties . But refused join them because he wants to bring in a new impetus  into the political spectrum.

Paul Eric Kingue was arrested in 2008 in connection with the February upheavals and imprisoned for 7 years. He was later released  in 2015 after the Supreme Court favored an appeal launched by his counsel .  Upon his release, he has been grappling with the loss of his wife and son and living a secluded life away from the public. But he had earlier promised he would be back in politics and the 2018 Presidential election will be his first test.


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