Berlin Germany: Southern Cameroonians Take To The Streets Of Berlin-Germany, Demand France To Liberate Cameroon

Hundreds of Southern Cameroonian on Friday 27 January 2017 pulled a tremendous crowd of sympathisers from all across Germany and some neighbouring European countries after they staged a powerful yet peaceful demonstration at the Brandnburger Gate, Berlin-Germany.

The demonstrators dressed in the popular Bamenda regalia and accompanied by some Germans gathered at the gates of the French embassy which is adjacent to the Brandenburger Gate. All along at the French embassy, demonstrators were chanting anti French colonial practises in Africa with particular reference to Cameroon and the Southern Cameroonian struggle. Many demonstrators could be heard chanting loud that "France leave Africa alone... tell Biya to leave Southern Cameroons alone. Southern Cameroons is not a French colony, so France cede all your activities our oil-rich region." From one speaker to another, they all decried the excesses of France in Camerroon with the pitch felt by Anglophones.

A petition was later on signed and handed to the French embassy. From the French embassy, demonstrators marched along the Brandeburger Gate towards the British embassy, chanting anti Biya Slogans and displaying placards showing images of victims of the recent atrocities perpetuated by the Biya regime forces on peaceful Southern Cameroonian peaceful demonstrators.

Sympathizing with their grievances, German citizens joined the demonstrations demanding answers to the plethora of questions raised. At the British embassy, the demonstrators aired out their plight to the British government which happened to be the colonial master of former British Southern Cameroon. The spokesperson for the Southern Cameroonians in Berlin spoke lenghtly on the role Britain played in shaping the current situation in which Southern Cameroons finds itself,the British government was called upon to complete the job accorded them by the league of Nations, now United Nation and give Southern Cameroons its deserved independence. A Signed petition was later handed to the embassy with the representative promising to forward the petition to the British government. From the British embassy, demonstrators marched peacefully chanting slogans of freedom, liberation towards the German foreign ministry.

At the German foreign ministry, a representative from Southern Cameroonians, Dr Agustine Mofor, read a petition were in he laid emphasis on the fact that since Kamerun was a former German colony, Germany should use its voice as a member of the UN security council to call to light the plight of Southern Cameroonians. While urging Germany to intervene promptly to avoid a pending massacre by Biya forces in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon, he emphasised that "enough is enough.

" Speaking at the massively attended rally, a youth from Former southern Cameroon questions why Germany was giving a deaf ear to the situation in Cameroon? "...Why are the Germans complaining of so many refugees coming into the country, yet they do little to prevent such exodus? if Germany does not react quick, they should be expecting a mass entry of ayslum seekers from Cameroon in the nearest future." he cried out.

The demonstrations ended with the handing of the petition to the German authorities at the foreign ministry. As they on their part promised to forward the petition to hierarchy.

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