Anglophone Crisis: How long will the CPDM government remain in silent?

How long will the CPDM government remain in silence in the face of bestial and nefarious atrocities occurring sporadically in the North West and South West regions that have taken the lives of over 6,000 compatriots?

On March 15, there were reports of the inhuman, demonic, brutish and fiendish burial, alive, of Agbormbouh Prizo, the Chairman of Presbyterian Church in Nchang village of Mamfe Central Subdivision in the South West Region.

Credible media reports pointed out that he was kidnapped, allegedly by separatist fighters, on March 15, with two other persons.

The two others were released the following day while the chairman remained detained by the separatist fighters, who were demanding a ransom of 100,000 FCFA.

The reports noted that security forces clashed with separatist fighters a day before their abduction. At least three separatist fighters are said to have died in the clash.

“While they were working together on a farm, the topic of discussion sprouted about the military-Amba clash,” a source explained, adding that, “Agbormbouh is reported to have expressed the wish for security forces to restore order in the community”.

He is also quoted to have said "the way the Amba fighters are terrorising us within this period, I would have been happy if, during that confrontation, all of them were killed”.

It would appears the Amba boys lurking in the bushes overheard his wish to have them neutralised. He was then kidnapped, “his mouth was tied up to prevent him from talking. They took him to another location where they buried him alive” a source stated.

Just when the civilised world was still in grieve and lamentation over man's inhumanity to man, there were other reports that Cameroonian scholar, Dr Chiabi Emmanuel, was, in the night of Wednesday March 15, shot by gunmen in Bamenda, Mezam Division of the North West Region.

Family sources said the revered historian was shot just as he entered the gate of his residence at New Road in Nkwen, Bamenda III Subdivision, during the evening hours of the fateful day.

The Guardian Post gathered that Dr Chiabi had just returned home after he went out in search of cooking gas. The gunshot that left the academic struggling in a pool of his own blood, drew the attention of his family members and people in the neighbourhood.

He was rushed to a health facility in Nkwen, Bamenda, but later gave up the ghost after losing too much blood. A video of the scene of the heinous crime, which surfaced on social media a day after the academic was shot, showed a bullet shell and stains of the blood.

Dr Chiabi, a Fulbright Scholar, had lectured at the University of Yaounde I and later took up residence in the United State of America. The historian was pioneer president of Afo-a-Kom USA, a cultural and development association grouping Kom sons and daughters, from Boyo Division in the North West Region, resident in the USA.

The association’s current president, Promise Kimeng Yong, in a condolence message, described the late Dr Chiabi as a “baobab that has fallen”.

Human rights advocate, Barrister Felix Nkongho Agbor Balla, in a message published on Friday, condemned the killing, describing it as despicable and unacceptable.

Anti-corruption crusader, lawyer and politician, Barrister Akere Muna, tweeted: “Grief stricken this morning by the brutal murder of Prof Chiabi in Bamenda. A fine gentlemen and pristine academic. I care less about what you are fighting for or even who you claim to be protecting. You do not respect human life? You are nothing but a terrorist”.

Akere implied that Amba Boys, who have so far not claimed responsibility, were the prime suspects.

The two killings are coming after three explosions rocked the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope and injured some 19 and at least one later died in hospital.

There are several other hellish atrocities being committed in the two English-speaking regions that the media radar has not identified. But the high profile cases of burying alive, shooting innocent people as loutish and vile as they have been, have not gnawed on the conscience of the CPDM government and in particular the "elected" officials such as senators, parliamentarians, mayors and councillors of the regions who claim to "represent" their constituents.

How can they pretend to represent their people by remaining in a stone silence of acquiescence when such brutality occurs in their regions? How does a government, whose primordial responsibility should be to protect the lives and properties of its citizens, be so indifferent when innocent people are being buried alive?

Do those who govern, be they elected or appointed, with the purpose to hold sway for good purposes, not feel ashamed in the face of international community that in the android generation prehistoric barbarism of burying people alive, not by accident but as jungle justice, is still practiced in Cameroon, yet no official statement of condemnation is made? The Guardian Post can only pray God should save Cameroon.

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