Peace House CIG Observatory Alarm

March 2023 Observatory:

1. Kidnapping for Ransom currently UP in Nkwen Bamenda by 500% Compared to last Quarter!

2. Areas affected include Rural communities in Nkwen up by 1500% comparative. Kidnappings pointing towards Saparatists was observed to be down in the 1st two months of 2023.

3. OBSERVATORY indicated lesser Women were actually taken away.

4. The Observatory indicated that several women paid Ransome as an alternative to Avoid Kidnap in the course as victims in their peasant Farms in Rural Nkwen communities of Membu, etc.

5. Heavy Cameroon state military  was positively observed in Urban streets of Nkwen in March 2023.

6. An Indigenous Nkwen Widowed Woman  reported and Observed to have continuously lived in her same Home at Mbelewa quarter Nkwen Bamenda III since she was born in 1960 appears Homeless after what looks like Forced Eviction  with the aid of Cameroon state Security on the 14th of March 2023. The widow and her property appears to have been forcefully transported Against her Will in a Military escort to a completely different part of the town and dumped on open street out of her neighborhood rendering her helpless and homeless!

Expert Advise:

1. We Urge all Stakeholders of the Anglophone Cameroon Violent Arm Conflict to Seek Urgent means to contact the #canada government to seek viable means to end the current over 6 years conflict.

2. We Urge the Divisional Officer of Bamenda III to demonstrate his Authority by Reviewing the Homeless Situation of the Woman at Mbelewa quarter Nkwen and Provide her Urgent Emergency Support as she is observed to be currently Destitute.

3. We Urge Saparatists Authorities to crosscheck their operatives to Allow Safe passage for Indigenous Peoples of Anglophone Cameroon to Access their Farms for Cultivation as failing which would lead to Mass Destitution, Famine and Hunger in the already precarious situation especially in Nkwen Bamenda communities.

Nforngang Jude
Legal Advisor and Mediator
Peace House CIG

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