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Delly Singah Philips took to her Facebook page on the 24th of August 2018 and posted;Hello Family......

Delly Singah Philips is an ambitious UK based Cameroonian lady.She is the Founder of Delly Singah Foundation, Delly TV and Delly Matchups. Delly is out to empower, enligten and advice people (young and old) through all her social media platforms.

She has hosted a number of Cameroonian celebrities, footballers and entrepreneurs like; Eyong Enoh, Wax Dey, Ngassa Nina, Commy Mussa, Nkanya Nkwai, Nchifor Valery, Itambi Delphine and many others on her Online TV (Delly TV) Facebook page to share their ideas and experiences about their different fields of life.

Delly Singah Phillips took to her Facebook page on the 24th of August 2018 and posted;

Hello Family,
Launching our August Give away to the best project for a start up Business/Project.
Prize: 100.000FCFA
Comment your project in the comment section and let's decide who gets the best project to be funded. 
This is in Collaboration with The Delly Singah Foundation and other anonymous Sponsors.


  • Should be unemployed. 
  • Should be community Oriented.
  • Should be based in Cameroon. 
  • Should be flexsible.

NB: The Best 3 projects will be selected.
Deadline: Tomorrow at midnight!
Good Luck.

The competition ended and and the winner is Ateh Ngwenyi Vera Havilah whose Project is 

Enterprise name: HAVILAH AND CO
Havilah means city of gold. The purpose of Havilah and co is to keep Cameroon cities clean and make them "Havilah" . Maintain high level of hygienic conditions in Cameroon homes, streets, quarters despite the poor nature of some infrastructures. 
*Door to door collection of waste that is your waste is collected in your house
*Weekly cleanups in the quarters
*Weekly cleanups on the streets
*Rally youths in each quarter to do the work. This is because they have full mastery of the terrain.
*Sensitise the population on need to maintain high level of hygienic conditions. 
*Make households see the benefits/use of the enterprise
*The environment will be neat hence free from mosquitoes and other disease causing insects
*Youths who idle in the quarters smoking, drinking, stealing will have something to keep them busy hence reduction in crime wave
*It will save households the stress of waiting for HYSACAM or looking for the nearest available trash can
*Areas not accessible to HYSACAM will have an easier way to dispose their waste.
*It will avoid waste disposal in streams and "gauters" which cause flooding
*How to rally the youths cuz we Cameroonian youths don't like volunteering
*How to get equipment to be used like uniforms, trashcans and other clean up accessories needed
*How to dispose of waste after clean ups and collection.

Delly replied one of her followers on Facebook; it’s with tears I read most of the projects. The passion with which they were presented and the dying desire to see them come to pass. I just want to sponsor every one of them. It is a privilege for me to answer this call and I thank God it has created an impact. 

This great gesture by the UK based lady made most followers of her social media platforms to see the zeal in Cameroonians youths who wish to excel in life yet no capital to startup. This is a call to Cameroonians and people around the to assist those in Need to realize their dreams irrespective of how small it is. Remember Little drops of water can make an oceans.

More grease to your elbow Delly.


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