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Cameroon: Gambling,the other addiction of the youths.

More than thirty years after the arrival of the first casinos, PMU and other slot machines, gambling experiencing real success with the Cameroonian youth with the arrival of "Pari Foot".

The kiosks of " Pari Foot " have invaded the streets of the big cities of Cameroon and even those of small remote localities.

We now find slot machines in almost every bar and dozens in almost every neighborhood.
During the day and in the evening, students under the age of 10 or more, high school students young people with no jobs and sometimes women scramble to win and "become a millionaires."

It is 9 o'clock this Wednesday morning at a place called Pétrolex d'Olembé (a district of the first district of Yaounde), Stephen and Andy in their early twenties watch the results of meetings the day before.

Both lost in Tuesday's game. Stephen bet for more than 2,000 FCFA and Andy says he lost 1,500 FCFA. They are going to bet again this Wednesday.

"It's the game. One day you lose, another day you win. One day I will win. My friend earned 800 thousand FCFA the other day, "says Stephen.

The young clothing salesman, spending 10 to 15 thousand FCFA per week to play "Pari foot."

Our attention is attracted by a young student of about 15 years in high school uniform of Nkozoa. He goes quickly to the manager of the kiosk to whom he gives 50 FCFA to receive in exchange the list of matches of the day.

"He's a regular," says the kiosk manager. However, there is a mention that proscribes games to minors under 18 years.

"The principle of the game is simple. We play from 300 FCFA. You can choose up to 15 matches, "explains the kiosk manager.

"There are people who often bet here 15,000 FCFA per day," he adds.

Many Cameroonians are addicted to gambling. They hope to make millions and get out of their poverty.

In these games rooms, we meet women, police and military but especially young people.

Until 2016 there was only one sports betting company in Cameroon. Mutual Urban Cameroonian Bet (Pmuc).

Since the liberalization of the sector we have seen the appearance of the " Pari Foot " and Cameroonian football fans have become notorious snags with the hope of winning every day.

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