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OP-ED: Terrorism deals with weapons of immense threat to state security

The Biya's regime hurriedly launch a vicious terrorism bill that was aimed at targeting Anglophone nationalism.

Those who are being detained in Yaoundé and purportedly charged with terrorism were instead kidnapped by state thugs without any weapons.

The state must show proof how these people asking for justice as well as denouncing marginalization have suddenly become terrorist even without arms.

The state thugs have in a continuum being arresting people of the erstwhile Southern Cameroons tagging them as terrorist
Sufficient proof have been presented to denounce the purported claim that we are one state and that state is indivisible.
There is no binding document to portrays that oneness and the overwhelming state fraud has been exposed.

The state of La Republique Du Cameroun orchestrated fraud by manipulating the federal constitution which was not even crafted in the spirit of justice and transparency.

Today being in this mess where by its flaws have only continued to ruin the already ruined state image,the state badly needs to admit that it has failed in handling the citizens of the erstwhile Southern Cameroons with fairness, harmony and concord.


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