Paul Biya has become the problem of Cameroon

Last Friday in front of his hotel room in New York, protesters were chanting “Paul Biya must go”. This implies that Paul Biy’s longevity in power is at the centre of the Anglophone Problem. The current unrest is first of all a prove that his regime has been rejected. Thirty-five years in power! That’s too much!! When Biya came to power in 1982, the country controlled its borders and was equally united. Thirty-five years later, Paul Biya is ready to throw us into chaos. Our country is not only facing attacks but it is also on the brink of secession . In fact, Paul Biya governs only seven of the ten regions. The South West, North West and Far North have been destabilized. Worse still, the other parts of the nation are not safe from  unrest. The East Region, for instance, is already facing attacks and occupation from some armed groups from the Central African Republic..


There is every indication Cameroon’s problem are Paul Biya and his bad regime.

With the current situation, there are only three things left for him to do in order to avoid chaos:

  1. Proclaim the calendar of his retirement from politics and public life. Paul Biya must decline to run for presidency. After negotiations, the state could, as the constitution(which he has twisted so well) stipulates, grant him the immunity and honour reserved for the head of state and his family.
  2. Sit at the negotiating table with all the components of the nation. It is high time Cameroonians sat at the negotiating table to discuss the future which they desire for this country. Thirty-five years in power has left many wounds. The people [of Cameroon] have been divided politically, ethnically and socially. The nation is in conflict with its diaspora. It is high time everybody was brought at the negotiating table to mend things.
  3. Undertake constitutional reform on the nature of the state. The current form of the state is no longer welcome. The centralized state has been useful only to a tiny minority. It is high time power was given back to the people through their elected representatives. Paul Biya must not continue to rule simply to live and die in power. It’s the future of this country and that of our children which are at stake.
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