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Cameroon: Wife of Public Service Minister says tribalism is hindering the development of the nation

Madam Françoise Angouing, wife of the Minister of Public Service who was told that she cannot be a candidate for the election to the presidency of the Kadey I Northern CPDM section has been speaking of the bad aspects of tribalism in Cameroon politics. Madam Angouing was reminded during the renewal operation of the CPDM basic organs in December 2015 that she was not from Batouri and does not even reside there. She is actually from from Ngéulebog but was however raised in Batouri. 

Elected head of the Kadey North 1 section, the wife of the Minister of Public Service during her first technical working session and meet the people tour noted that tribalism was hindering the development of the nation. In the working session which held on February 7, Françoise Angouing launched a warning against the "theoreticians of tribalism. Said the Minister's wife, "Those who want to sink the Kadey I Section today will not succeed because they themselves do not have life jackets".

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