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Cameroon: Senatorial election petitions at the Constitutional council.

The social Democratic Front( SDF) and the Cameroon Democratic Union( CDU) all saw their petitions squashed and thrown into the dustbin of history.

The Social Democratic Front saw red as her petition for the cancellation of the Senatorial election in the South West Region got squashed.


The Social Democratic Front petitioned for the cancellation of the senatorial elections in the South West Region based on the tense sociopolitical atmosphere that characterized the elections in the South West, especially in Kupe Maneguba Division, Lebialem and Manyu Divisions.

The Constitutional council's reason for quashing the petition is that the SDF petition wasn't properly constituted by legal justifications and by a legal expert.

Such disgusting excuses as the reasons for this quashing is a total humiliation for the SDF that shouldn't be acting as novice in such matters of great importance.

It was in total disbelieve and bewilderment that the SDF saw their petition squashed and dumped dustbin.

Citing Mr. Njenje Valentine Kleber as the complainant or petitioner, the constipated constitutional council ruled that he wasn't competent to deposit the petition.

 The same constipated constitutional council gave a different reason why that of CDU's petition was squashed.

The petition of CDU was deposited at the chambers of the Constipated constitutional council by Youmo Koupit Adamoua, requesting the annulment of the senatorial elections in the West.

His petition was based on the numerous irregularities that took place during the Senatorial elections in the West, especially in Menoua Division.

The constipated constitutional council rejected the petition as well based on lack of proof or substantial proof.

Haven invalidated all the petitions brought forward to the Constipated Constitutional council, the said results are ready to be published.

Anybody who expected anything the contrary from the Constipated constitutional council,led by retired Chief Justice at the Supreme Court, Atangana Clement Ndzi, could only be circus clowns.

The purported Constipated Constitutional council wasn't created to bring any sanity to the Cameroon's electoral process but to give false credibility to a heavily rigged and election engineered by these Beti oligarchs.

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