Cameroon English Language Newspaper Publishers Association- CENPA Shares Gov't Bribes to Publish Biased Reports!

Read the below post leaked from the CENPA forum by a member who is disgusted at the meanness of the Cameroon English Language press that has completely lost value, impulsed in the merchant journalism direction by the Publisher of The Guardian Post, Ngah Christian Mbipgo*

"CENPA members,
after due concertations with the President and members of the Exco, we have decided to share what is in the coffers, that is FCFA 2,300,000 to all members of CENPA.
Whenever the pledge from Mayor Ekema comes, it will be kept in the coffers.
We have realised that Movement to yde from GZ may not be possible in the next two weeks.

Secondly reimbursement of transportation and accommodation for more than 20 members will finish all the money. It also defeats the idea of compensating Publishers who have Published back to school and CENPA activities.
In that case, the Treasurer and Financial Secretary will share from yde by momo.
However, Every one will not have an equal share.
Those who have Published will definitely have more.

On to other matters, we are also compiling documents for MINCOM Aid to media Associations in anticipation of a call to submit.
To that effect, we urge members to get registered according to the Constitution and forward a verified copy of their National ID and Press Cards to the Secreteriat before September 15.

*NB: Journalism is a noble profession meant to protect truth and get public officials and the most powerful of society accountable; journalism should nit be the mouthpiece of evil and an enabler of genocide*.

*The Revolutionary Watchdog*


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