Ambazonia Crisis: Switzerland drops out of mediation

Switzerland is reported to have abandoned its mediation efforts between the Government of Cameroon and most of the separatist groups – according to Africa Intelligence.

Since June 2019, the Swiss talks initiative being led by Geneva-based Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD Centre) have been hampered by the refusal of certain groups whose leaders are in exile in the United States, to participate.

The Centre for humanitarian dialogue (HD) has been tasked by Switzerland, with the consent of the parties, to support the establishment of talks between the Republic of Cameroon and the pro-independence groups of Southern Cameroons to achieve a negotiated, just and sustainable settlement of the conflict.

The talks have also been overshadowed by Berne’s concerns at the suspension of call for tender to manage the container terminal at the Douala Seaport which was won by Italian-Swiss firm Terminal Investment.

Officially, Switzerland is still involved “as long as the parties so desire.”

Several initiatives are in the pipeline to compensate for the withdrawal of the Swiss.

Barrister Akera Muna, former President of the Cameroon Bar Council, is trying to initiate a dialogue that would be overseen by former South Africa president Thabo Mbeki and former Chairperson of the African Union Commission (AUC) Alpha Oumar Konare.

A meeting within this framework will take place in Nairobi, February 2020.

Muna is thought to have the necessary influence to bring to the table the parties that have been resistance to the Swiss mediation. 

Source: The Post


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