The battery is the one aspect of smartphones that users tend to worry about the most. Although this is very challenging given that these apps drain the battery, we start thinking about different ways to reduce energy consumption and increase its battery life as soon as the device is turned on.

Although they are not always successful, we are accustomed to taking a variety of steps to extend the battery of the smartphone as much as possible. Primarily because we now know which applications are the most dangerous in this regard. Because they completely deplete energy with just the use of them.

There are countless applications for your Android device in the Google Play Store. There are services for everything, but on the whole, users tend to download the same popular apps. However, in order to best care for the battery in your smartphone. There are some of them that you should avoid downloading or using less often.

Be cautious, while some of these applications are quite helpful and should be installed on our smartphones, others can be disastrous for those who already experience battery issues. So examine whether you actually require them. The list of apps with the highest energy usage is as follows:

  • Fitbit
  • Uber
  • Skype
  • Facebook
  • Airbnb
  • Instagram
  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Snapchat
  • WhatsApp

The organization that has compiled this data is pCloud, a research firm. To achieve this, they created a list of applications that use the battery of the device the most. And the end result is shown here. No matter how great these platforms are, according to the entity, they are affecting the battery life really hard.

Actuality, they are very well popular apps, and you may have more than one of them on your phone. Since they can still use some of the battery in the background, it might be more convenient for you to get rid of some if you don’t use it frequently, especially if you’ve had battery issues in the past.

The smartphone’s most demanding applications

The research firm looked at three factors when determining which apps were the most resource-intensive on our phones. The things each app uses, such as the location or camera, the battery these applications consume, and whether the dark mode is offered.

They were able to determine which of the 100 most popular apps is the most demanding and name them the ultimate phone killers by combining the results of these three factors.


Fitbit and Verizon are the most apps that drain your battery

The two best phone competitors were Fitbit and Verizon. 14 of the 16 resources that are available can be in use by both apps in the background. Including the four most resource-intensive ones. The camera, location, microphone, and wifi connection. Due to this, these apps received the highest study score (92.31%).

US Ambassador Lamora met on Tuesday, March 21, with H.E. Felix Mbayu, Minister-Delegate at the Ministry of External Relations, to discuss the U.S.-Cameroon relationship and several issues of mutual interest to both countries.

The relations are close, although they have sometimes been affected by concerns over human rights abuses and the pace of political and economic liberalization. The bilateral United States Agency for International Development (USAID) program in Cameroon closed for budgetary reasons in 1994.

However, approximately 140 Peace Corps volunteers continue to work successfully in agroforestry, community development, education, and health. The Public Affairs section of the U.S. Embassy in Yaoundé organizes and funds diverse cultural, educational, and information exchanges. It maintains a library and helps foster the development of Cameroon's independent press by providing information in a number of areas, including U.S. human rights and democratization policies. The Embassy's Self-help and Democracy and Human Rights Funds are some of the largest in Africa.

Through several State Department and USAID regional funds, the Embassy also provides funds for refugees, HIV/AIDS, democratization and girl's scholarships. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) provided a commodity grant valued at $6 million in 2003 to fund agricultural development projects in the North and Far North provinces. A similar program for $4 million was approved in 2004. The program will fund an agricultural development and nutrition enhancement project in the East and Adamawa provinces.

The United States and Cameroon work together in the United Nations and other multilateral organizations. While in the United Nations Security Council in 2002, Cameroon worked closely with the United States on initiatives. The U.S. Government continues to provide substantial funding for international financial institutions, such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and African Development Bank, that provide financial and other assistance to Cameroon.

Three people were hospitalized after an accident in Bamenda, Cameroon. The accident happened on the outskirts of Bamenda, on the road between  Bambui and Bambili. The three people who got out of the car were taken to a nearby hospital where they are being treated. According to road users, this is the second accident on the Bambui - Bambili road in just five days. Road users blamed the accidents on road contractors who dio not properly demarcate the areas of the road  being repaired.

Cameroon's minister of Territorial administration Atanga Nji Paul has offered rice, blankets and mattresses to the victims of the recent flood which created enormous material damage and loss of human life in Buea, Bokwai in the South West region of Cameroon  last Sunday the 18th of March 2023.

Dozens of buildings and homes were destroyed or damaged, leaving families homeless. One person reportedly died after being dragged by flood water. A further five people were reported injured. The situation is still developing and authorities have yet to confirm any details or figures. Some local media sources said the death toll was much higher, while others reported at least 6 people were thought to be missing.

The city of around 300,000 inhabitants is situated on the eastern slopes of Mount Cameroon. Local observers said heavy rain on 18 March flowed down the steep slopes and into residential and business areas of the city. The city’s poor drainage infrastructure was unable to cope. Buea experienced flooding in similar circumstances in March 2020.

A fake beer factory has been dismantled in Bafoussam in the western region of Cemeroon. The factory was specialized in the production of fake drinks such as Castel, Heineken and several other consumer beer. They used original packaging for the marketing of its contraband and to make it look genuine. The head of the criminal group, Chi Eric Ndefru aged 65, was  arrested by the Gendarmerie alongside other members of his group.


(Business in Cameroon) - The Special Fund for Equipment and Inter-municipal Intervention (Feicom), teamed up with the University of Douala and the Jacky Fely Nafack Institute of Technology to develop an online platform that allows decentralized local authorities (CTD) to collect taxes from street vendors. The project, called Inform'All City, was officially presented on March 21 in Yaoundé.

Feicom invites concerned vendors to register on the platform and benefit from a selling place officially granted to them by the municipality. That way, they are legally recognized as vendors.

Under its first deployment phase, which aims to improve the collection of local tax revenues and plan urban development, the Inform'All City platform will focus on Yaoundé II and Douala III, the political and economic capitals of the country, we learned.


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