"Ensuring Justice Through The Sabbath!"

A simple definition of justice is "fairness in the way people are treated."
Justice is fundamental to the world. That is why in truly democratic societies the judiciary arm of government ensures that there is justice in the implementation of the laws formulated by the legislative arm of government thus providing checks and balances to curb the excesses of the executive arm of government and ensure that nobody stands above the Law! To go by John Locke, government is like a secretary whom you hire to do for you the job you do not want to do yourself. I wonder whether it works this way in advanced democracies!

Going by our earlier definition of justice we realise that God's emphasis on rest on the Sabbath day was to ensure justice for the hired hands and the beasts of burdens.
In capital oriented economies the concern of the capitalist is to maximize profit and minimize cost. The hired hand puts in long hours of hard work with chickenfeed pay that barely put food on the table. Meanwhile the master cares very little about the health situation of the worker or the beast of burden.
Probably why the English say "do not ride a willing horse to death."
The labourer does not only deserve his wages, he deserves his rest as well.
To this end God gives a strong injunction emphasising the importance of a day of rest.
Rest is necessary both for body and soul. Rest is so important that in his gigantic work of creation God still found time to rest on the seventh day.
To ensure that justice was done on the overworked servants, workers and animals of burden God proclaimed the Sabbath holy unto himself(Ex. 20:8-11).
My friend, in this week our emphasis is on the pursuance of justice in all spheres of life.
Today we learn that God declares the Sabbath holy as a means of strengthening and ensuring justice for the less privileged!
May God bless and protect you all through the week and enable you to exercise justice and fairness on those under you so that they can feel the impact of God's holy Sabbath upon their lives! Peace be with you!

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