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Roman Catholics and Protestants Have Failed Cameroon

Soter Agbaw-Ebai

Roman Catholic and Presbyterian politicians in Cameroon have blatantly refused to grow in holiness and to bring their faith to bear on the pressing issues facing Cameroon of today. Cardinal Christian Tumi had observed in one of his greatest homilies published in Cameroon Concord that a majority of Cameroon politicians are members of secret societies, cults and Rosicrucian Order. Ever since President Biya came to power in November 6th 1982, once a CPDM militant is appointed to any position of responsibility, the said individual starts worshiping two gods. The first god is for the glorification of those who want him to stay longer in office and the second god is for those who want to cut short his glory. Correspondingly, Cameroonian politicians do not dialogue with society and culture. Their political rantings are not guided by the Gospel and above all, they do not speak from a faith viewpoint. We of this publication are of the opinion that both the Presbyterian and the Roman Catholic Churches have failed in their mission in Cameroon. The CPDM regime that has caused the deaths of million of Cameroonians still has the unflinching support of the Christian Church. Cameroon was supposed to have been guided by words, witnesses and by legislative and political actions informed by faith in Christ geared towards fostering a more just society, centered on dignity of the human person. But it is a nation that thrives on Satanic Verses. The Roman Catholic Bishops and the Moderator  understands everything going on in President Biya's Cameroon. They understand the many threats to family life such as HIV and rampant divorces. They are aware that something has to be done and done in a hurry to alleviate poverty and to support the integral development of Cameroon's most neglected communities. Yet, like many of our medical doctors in the diaspora cancelling their December trips home for fear of Ebola, the Cameroon clergies even by their commitment to the moral truths of natural law supports CPDM ministers and government officials whom for 32 years have never embarked in efforts to serve the common good through sound and solid governance. Cameroonians need to fight this State religion.   

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