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Southern Cameroonians Send Clear Message To La Republique On The Fake Union Celebration

After watching the coverage of the 20th May Celebrations on CRTV and listening to various counts from our people in various counties, it’s safe to say we the people of Southern Cameroons sent out a message that was LOUD and CLEAR to La Republique: WE ARE NOT CELEBRATING A FAKE UNION. OUR RESOLVE REMAINS UNSHAKEN. 20th MAY IS NOT THE NATIONAL DAY OF SOUTHERN CAMEROONS!
Our people respected the Ghost Towns to a large extent (Except for a few counties where LRC managed to influence and coerce people into marching). In general, the people made their voices heard by not showing up or sending their children into the streets to march in the rain or sun for a celebration that never was.

20th May 1972 marks the day our enslavement was officialised by La Republique Du Cameroon ,through its mastermind, Ahmadou Ahidjo. The national day of Southern Cameroons ( Ambazonia) should mark the historic attainment of the Independence of our territory. On May 20th, we didn’t get that independence. What we witnessed today was a usual parade of Military personnel and the CPDM party. An outsider will have to wonder if 20th May is a CPDM Party parade day or the National Day of a Country. We refuse to be part of the occultism celebrations of the CPDM Party. The fact that La Republique had to bus in people to venues in Southern Cameroons shows that the enemy is in panic mode. They want the world to believe that they are still control but we all know they are not. They have failed to stop us.

As we all know the UN voted for our Independence in 1961 through Article 1608. That independence was taken from us by the treacherous government of La Republique in collusion with France. TODAY, we are no longer complacent. We WANT OUR FREEDOM BACK. FREEDOM IS GUARANTEED BUT NEVER GIVEN, WE WILL HAVE TO TAKE IT!!!

Let’s Fight to take our Land Back.
Let’s take Our Future Back.
Let’s take Our Livelihood back.
Let’s take Our EXISTENCE BACK!!

Dear Southern Cameroonians, Our forefathers began the fight for our freedom. The torch is now in our hands as we continue our Long Walk to Freedom. Bear in mind, it’s not going to be a rosy ride. Let’s not falter in our resilience and our resolve. Freedom is not going to be immediate but its sure going to be certain.

You hold the key to your freedom. Join the moving train. Make your voices heard. By any means necessary go out there and Fight your battle. Each battle will make this war complete. Your battle may be going out to protest, it may be through volunteering, it may be a donation, it may be adopting a teacher, lawyer, victim, etc. , it may be in the form of a diaspora tax, it may be in the form of other contributions. GO OUT THERE AND FIGHT YOUR BATTLE!! LET’S ALL FIGHT INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLECTIVELY SO THAT TOGETHER WE WILL CROSS THE FINISH LINE IN BUEA


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