Civil war meets COVID-19: Cameroon as a case study in deterioration and chaos

August 14th, 2020
Just as it is our moral duty to join the global collaborative efforts to ...

Cameroon: Gruesome Crimes, Impunity And A Disturbing Trend

August 14th, 2020
The catalogue of crimes targeting civilians in the Southern Cameroons and ...

Cameroon: Outrage as Suspected Amba Fighters “Slaughter” Woman in Muyuka

August 12th, 2020
The gruesome killing of lady, 35-year-old mother of four has caused great ...

International Youth Day 2020: Engaging Cameroonian Youth in Policy Making to Promote Health.

August 10th, 2020
Young people in Cameroon have   been catalysing important conversations on ...

Keeping them Honest: Your Country Needs You Mark Bareta is asking whose side are you on?

November 14th, 2017
Keeping them Honest: Your Country Needs You Mark Bareta is asking whose side ...

Cameroun soldiers shot local boat driver

November 14th, 2017
Soldiers loyal to LR's dictator, Mr. Biya just shot at a boat driver in ...

MP's of Cameroon's main opposition party, SDF boycott parliamentary session

November 14th, 2017
Members of Cameroon's parliament from the main opposition partyoon, The Social ...

Southern Cameroons : PGSST Bafut on fire

November 14th, 2017
Fresh reports reaching Cameroon Concord say Presbyterian School of Science and ...

Saint Pius college Ekondo Titi, ravaged by fire

November 14th, 2017
Another private institution has been burnt by unknown individuals. The fire ...

2018 world cup: Indomitable Lions miss 8.4 billion FCFA after dropping out

November 14th, 2017
The indomitable Lions will not benefit from the sum of 8.4 billion Fcfa, which ...

Five military personnel of La Republique du CameroUn found dead

November 13th, 2017
Reports reaching Cameroon Concord say some five military personnel of La ...

Anglophone crisis: One dead in Muyuka

November 13th, 2017
At least one civilian has reportedly died in Muyuka in the South West region  ...

Football-Russia 2018: All you need to know about 28 teams that have already qualified

November 13th, 2017
The final round of World Cup qualifying is taking place, and 27 countries are ...

Anglophone crisis: Politician Adamou Ndam Njoya calls for review of 1991 Tripartite Conference

November 13th, 2017
The chairman of Cameroon Democratic Union has called for a political debate to ...

Anglophone crisis : Nocturnal gunfire leaves Bamenda in fear

November 13th, 2017
After imposing a curfew in  some parts of the North West region, especially in ...

Road connecting Nigeria to Cameroon in Cross River cut off, road users stranded

November 12th, 2017
The only road that connects Nigeria to Cameroon through Cross River State is in ...


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Health / Medical

Uganda Confirms 1 Death
KAMPALA — Uganda’s ministry of health confirmed Thursday that one person has died of Marburg hemorrhagic fever, a close relative of the Ebola virus.
20 Oct 2017
Urgent Action Under Way
An emergency vaccination campaign is getting under way in northeastern Nigeria to prevent a deadly cholera outbreak from spreading to other
19 Sep 2017
Cholera Outbreak
ONDON —  At least 1.4 million people uprooted by Boko Haram's insurgency in northeast Nigeria are living in 'cholera hotspots,' prey to an
08 Sep 2017
The Minister of Public Health has appointed Jean II  Dissongo Regional Delegate of Public Health for Littoral, barely 19 months after his sacking.The
06 Sep 2017
Scientific breakthrough
A landmark drug study has opened up a potent way to lower the risk of heart attacks — beyond the now standard advice of reducing cholesterol —
28 Aug 2017
Heart Attack vs. Cardiac
What Is It?Cardiac arrest, sometimes called sudden cardiac arrest, means that your heart suddenly stops beating. This cuts off blood flow to the
24 Aug 2017

Syria-Putin's bombs and a call to arms: A Femi Fani Kayode Production

The sound and sight of Russian cruise missiles and smart bombs dropping on thousands of ISIL fighters in Syria is a thing of joy. It is like music to my ears. At last someone has cultivated the courage to stop the pampering and to desist from trying to rationalize the evil of ISIS and the forces of terror. I have no doubt that President Vladimir Putin is being used by God to deliver the world from the greatest evil that we have witnessed since Hitler’s fascism. The Russians are doing a great work in Syria.

They confronted and crushed the evil of terrorism in Chechnya and now they are doing it in the Middle East. Mr. Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi and his ISIL fighters deserve no mercy. They deserve even worse than they are getting. We must encourage the Russians to keep the bombs flying and to send the demons to hell where they belong.

This ought to be a lesson to the world and to President Obama. You don’t encourage and tolerate evil on the altar of political expediency and neither should you support or covertly fund terrorists. More importantly whether the west wishes to accept it or not there is a new kid on the block who refuses to take prisoners and who understands the importance of wiping out the dark forces and bringing in the light. 

Those that believe that terrorists should be treated lightly, should be granted amnesty, should be negotiated with or should be used for a greater purpose have failed to grasp the importance of the following counsel: when the rubbish begins to stink you must throw it out. When slaves begin to overestimate their own importance and relevance you must cut off their balls.

When dogs seek to rule in the land of men you must shoot them in the head. When a chicken starts to believe that it is an eagle you must cut off its beak. When the witch begins to afflict humanity you must burn her at the stake. When demons begin to call themselves angels you must send them back to hell.

When psychopaths and sociopaths rule the land you must kill them all and ensure that there is no trace of their existence. Clearly Putin has imbued this philosophy and this set of principles very well. And it serves our collective purpose. Four years ago I advocated the Putin approach to confronting Boko Haram in Nigeria. In a series of essays I argued that we must wipe them out and if necessary blow up the communities and towns that covertly give them support.

I made the case that they were nothing but pure evil and that they represented something so reprehensible and beastly that it was far beyond the understanding or imagination of the average Nigerian. I told the Nigerian people that if it required the systematic slaughter of entire populations to remove the cancer of jihadist terror then we must cultivate the courage to get on with the job and do it.

I argued that President Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern-day Turkey, killed over one million fundamentalists and terrorists in his quest to establish a modern-day Muslim secular state and that it worked. I told the world that as long as Saudi Arabia continued to propagate and covertly fund the Wahhabi philosophy and the Salifist movement that the world would not know peace and that neither would we be free of terror.

More importantly I warned the world about the danger of trusting President Barack Obama and how his covert policy of supporting terror groups like the Al Nusra Front in Syria against a secularist Syrian government would lead to disaster. As usual all my counsel fell on deaf ears and I received nothing but insults from the majority of our people who labeled me as hater of Muslims and who couldn’t see beyond their noses.

They were unable to make a distinction between a true Muslim and a radical jihadist who believes in the use of terror and violence. The result of their lack of understanding and foresight is what we have today both in Syria and Nigeria. Abuja is being bombed again and once again our soldiers are being slaughtered on the war front. Ever since the present administration has come to power the gains that were made by the previous administration against Boko Haram have been lost.

Worst still the terrorist group have managed to mount a major counter-offensive against our cities in the north-east and to slaughter thousands in our civilian population. Just a few days ago no less than five bombs went off in one day. There is no doubt in my mind that now more than ever we need to retrace our steps and look to Putin’s Russia as our natural ally in our fight against terror. If we want to stamp out Boko Haram we must look to the Russian Federation.

If we refuse to eat humble pie and get the help that we need then we must prepare for greater casualties and more losses in our fight against terror. This is all the more so given the fact that Boko Haram has now joined ranks with ISIS.

Permit me to end this contribution with a few words about the nature of the jihadists. They have an insatiable appetite for sadism and cruelty. They do not have the milk of human kindness in them and neither do such creatures react to gentle appeals. I say this because they are fundamentalists and zealots that are totally committed to destroying everything that we hold dear. Simply put they have gone beyond the realms of reason and rationality. If anyone doubts this they should find out about the horrific plight of the Yazidis’ in Iraq and Syria whose women are treated as nothing but spoils of war by the ISIL fighters.

These are ruthless and bloodthirsty men and they are committed to the destruction of the secular state, to the abrogation of our most basic civil liberties and human rights, to the waging of a global jihad and to the creation of a new Islamic caliphate where full sharia law is practiced and where Christianity and all other forms of religion, except for their own perverse understanding and interpretation of Islam, are banned. They also wish to change our way of life and impose their will on us through violent and barbaric means.

People that are so debased and that have such little regard for human life and values are hardly likely to listen to appeals from anyone. You do not offer carrots to beasts. The only things they understand are bombs and the only language they appreciate is violence.

A leading Pakistani politician made an interesting and relevant contribution on CNN last year when he spoke about the horrific stoning to death of a young lady outside the High Court in Islamabad simply because she married the man of her choice. He said, ’’Pakistan is a country in which some people are fighting to keep us in the 21st century whilst others are fighting to take us back into the 8th century”. This is the bitter truth and the same conflict is playing out in parts of the Middle East, north Africa, east Africa and Nigeria.

It is time for us to come together and cleanse our land of these godless creatures. They should be cleansed from the land and eliminated in the same way that cockroaches and rats are cleansed and eliminated from a filthy house. This is because they are nothing but vermin and vampires from hell sent to our nation by Satan to torment and destroy us.

They have slaughtered and raped our women and children, they have butchered and crucified our men, they have burnt our homes and bombed and desecrated our places of worship, they have slaughtered our religious leaders, they have taken over our communities and they have flown their evil black flag in parts of our nation.

What more do they have to do to us before we cultivate the courage and the firm resolve to rise up and resist them? This is a call to arms. I call on every Nigerian to rise up, to fight the evil and to protect the integrity of our land and our people.

I call on the military to be professional, thorough, brutal and ruthless, to show no mercy and to hold no quarter. I call on our people to have no dealings or interaction with ANYONE or any group of people that suggest that we should have dialogue with or that we should grant amnesty to Boko Haram.

I call on them to view such people with the utmost suspicion. I say this because you do not reward mass murderers, sociopaths, psychopaths, homicidal maniacs, child abductors, king-slayers, child rapists and criminally insane terrorists with amnesty or dialogue. Instead you dispatch them to hell where they belong. It is the same for Boko Haram and all those that secretly collaborate with them.

We must not view them as human beings but as savage beasts and demons that eat human flesh and drink human blood. That is what they are: the spoilers and abductors of little girls. They are not worthy of life. They are not worthy of God’s mercy.

They are not worthy of our people or of our nation. To destroy them is our holy duty before the Living God: it is God’s will that they should be wiped off the face of the earth and that the Nigerian people should be rid of them forever.

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2018 world cup:
The indomitable Lions will not benefit from the sum of 8.4 billion Fcfa, which they would have been offered if they qualified for the upcoming
14 Nov 2017
Football-Russia 2018:
The final round of World Cup qualifying is taking place, and 27 countries are already assured of their places alongside hosts Russia at next summer's
13 Nov 2017
World cup qualifiers:
Cameroon's last match of the Russian world cup qualifiers against Zambia has ended in a draw. {loadposition myposition}   The lions found
11 Nov 2017
World cup qualifier
The Cameroonian professional who plays in Henan Jianye, China, will miss the lions’ encounter against Zambia on Saturday 11 November 2017.
09 Nov 2017
Anglophone clubs boated
The woes of Anglophones in Cameroon were further compounded over the weekend, when two of their soccer flag bearers in the 2017 Cup of Cameroon semi
07 Nov 2017
Football-Cameroon cup:
The two teams to play the final of the 57th edition of the Cameroon cup are known. New stars of Douala, shall meet with UMS of Loum in the final,
06 Nov 2017


A simple definition of justice is "fairness in the way people are treated." Justice is fundamental to the world. That is why in truly democratic
09 Oct 2017
All Church Services In
All church services in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon have been moved from Sunday, October 1, 2017, to Sarturday, September 30,
25 Sep 2017
Bishop Benoit Balla:
Pascal Boade, who served in the Bafia Diocese as a technician and driver, is reported to have died mysteriously three months after the disappearance
14 Sep 2017
Bishop Benoit Balla:
A local private radio station, Radio Balafon based in the Litoral Region, reported an incident which occurred on Monday 28 August. It is about traces
29 Aug 2017
Anglophone Crisis May
 A renowned Pentecostal Man of God, Archbishop Godfred Anyere Tarh, has warned President Paul Biya and his cronies to hold inclusive dialogue with
28 Aug 2017
Cameroon: PCC moderator
To all the Presbyterial Secretaries          -Presbyterial Treasurers          -Pastors          -Principals          -Managers of Schools         
23 Aug 2017

Business / Economy

The High Commissioner of #Canada to #Cameroon, H.E. Richard Bale joined Mr. Henri Eyebe Ayissi, Minister of State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure
14 Aug 2020
Africa Food Manufacture
(Business in Cameroon) - On July 30, 2020, Africa Food Manufacture (AFM), which produces Broli-branded pasta, signed an investment agreement with
09 Aug 2020
Cameroonian insurance
(Business in Cameroon) - Cameroonian insurance company Chanas Assurances, majority-owned by National Hydrocaborns company SNH, informs that it
09 Aug 2020
Cameroon receives FCFA
The European Union has reportedly reached a two-year deal with Cameroon. The EU will grant Cameroon about FCFA 63 billion. {loadposition
11 Nov 2017
Vodafone calls off
In a press release made public today, the telecom company states that it is no longer commercially viable to resume activities in Cameroon. It
10 Nov 2017
Cameroon: 'Gold
There are unconfirmed reports that say gold has been discovered in a  locality called Song Matip near Eseka in the Centre region.Eseka is that famous
04 Nov 2017

Daily / Newsbrief

Civil war meets
Just as it is our moral duty to join the global collaborative efforts to eradicate COVID-19, it is also our moral duty to ensure our fellow human
14 Aug 2020
Cameroun soldiers shot
Soldiers loyal to LR's dictator, Mr. Biya just shot at a boat driver in Nsanakang village in Eyumojock Sub-division, Manyu Division. National
14 Nov 2017
Anglophone crisis: One
At least one civilian has reportedly died in Muyuka in the South West region  following violent confrontations with forces of La Republique.The
13 Nov 2017
Cameroon: Presidential
A man named Akono Christian, has poured boiled water on her girlfriend, who went to visit him. {loadposition myposition}   Unfortunate Tchana
11 Nov 2017
Cameroon:Detained for
Accused of involvement in the murder of the son of Rear Admiral Joseph Fouda(special adviser of President Paul Biya), Michael Feumba claims innocence
10 Nov 2017
Lady shot dead in
A young lady who was injured in an attack in the North West region of Cameroon on Tuesday night breaking Wednesday has finally passed on.Janet
09 Nov 2017


P Square breaks up
Reports going round suggest Nigerian duo P Square have split up after a misunderstanding . Peter and Paul Okoye, twin brothers, have reportedly gone
27 September 2017
Coming Soon: Rigobert
Reports say a documentary on the life of the former captain of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon will be presented at the Ecrans noirs film festival
15 July 2017
False news: Don Moen
The American gospel singer has tweeted after he was reported to be dead by a certain website, on Wednesday 12 July 2017.
13 July 2017
Douala: SDO bans Maahlox
The SDO for Douala 5, Tchakui Nounde Jean Marie, has signed a release banning the controversial Cameroonian musician, Maahlox le vibeur from holding
01 July 2017
Yaounde: Malhox
Cameroonian rapper Mahlox, who is popularly known for his song "ça sort comme ça sort", was reportedly agressed yestersay June 17. He had gone to
18 June 2017
Cameroonian musician
A young Cameroonian singer is currently under intensive medical care in Yaoundé after narrowly escaping death in a rather shocking car accident.
10 June 2017

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