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The Manyu Honor Roll of Shame with Blood on their Hands

It appears there is no limit to the odium Anglophones would endure in the hands of Paul Biya, and his CPDM sycophants. After endorsing the ongoing genocide against their own people, these self-seeking morons have been asked to go back home and talk to the same people their paymasters in Yde are calling terrorists, dogs and rats; the same people who have been brutalized and dehumanized; the same people who are still grieving over their loved ones killed in cold blood. For these so-called elite who stood by and watch soldiers massacre their own people without raising a finger in protest, the insensitivity of even contemplating such a trip is simply mind-boggling and inexcusable. Hopefully, they will be accompanied by truck loads of soldiers because the blood of the innocent on their hands will be crying out for justice.

By this singular act of civic callousness, dancing in mockery and naked provocation to grieving Anglophone families, these elite who lack the courage of their convictions to speak truth to power, have advertised, in spectacular fashion, a certain hollowness in morality that betrays an unprecedented low in their proclivity towards materialistic wooliness and self-centered pedestrianism. In all the 13 Divisions, we should just compiled the lists because these people will be held accountable. Honestly speaking, the impropriety is pathetic, disgraceful and devoid of any perfunctory exaggeration. Do these people have any sense of shame?


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