Civil war meets COVID-19: Cameroon as a case study in deterioration and chaos

August 14th, 2020
Just as it is our moral duty to join the global collaborative efforts to ...

Cameroon: Gruesome Crimes, Impunity And A Disturbing Trend

August 14th, 2020
The catalogue of crimes targeting civilians in the Southern Cameroons and ...

Cameroon: Outrage as Suspected Amba Fighters “Slaughter” Woman in Muyuka

August 12th, 2020
The gruesome killing of lady, 35-year-old mother of four has caused great ...

International Youth Day 2020: Engaging Cameroonian Youth in Policy Making to Promote Health.

August 10th, 2020
Young people in Cameroon have   been catalysing important conversations on ...

Keeping them Honest: Your Country Needs You Mark Bareta is asking whose side are you on?

November 14th, 2017
Keeping them Honest: Your Country Needs You Mark Bareta is asking whose side ...

Cameroun soldiers shot local boat driver

November 14th, 2017
Soldiers loyal to LR's dictator, Mr. Biya just shot at a boat driver in ...

MP's of Cameroon's main opposition party, SDF boycott parliamentary session

November 14th, 2017
Members of Cameroon's parliament from the main opposition partyoon, The Social ...

Southern Cameroons : PGSST Bafut on fire

November 14th, 2017
Fresh reports reaching Cameroon Concord say Presbyterian School of Science and ...

Saint Pius college Ekondo Titi, ravaged by fire

November 14th, 2017
Another private institution has been burnt by unknown individuals. The fire ...

2018 world cup: Indomitable Lions miss 8.4 billion FCFA after dropping out

November 14th, 2017
The indomitable Lions will not benefit from the sum of 8.4 billion Fcfa, which ...

Five military personnel of La Republique du CameroUn found dead

November 13th, 2017
Reports reaching Cameroon Concord say some five military personnel of La ...

Anglophone crisis: One dead in Muyuka

November 13th, 2017
At least one civilian has reportedly died in Muyuka in the South West region  ...

Football-Russia 2018: All you need to know about 28 teams that have already qualified

November 13th, 2017
The final round of World Cup qualifying is taking place, and 27 countries are ...

Anglophone crisis: Politician Adamou Ndam Njoya calls for review of 1991 Tripartite Conference

November 13th, 2017
The chairman of Cameroon Democratic Union has called for a political debate to ...

Anglophone crisis : Nocturnal gunfire leaves Bamenda in fear

November 13th, 2017
After imposing a curfew in  some parts of the North West region, especially in ...

Road connecting Nigeria to Cameroon in Cross River cut off, road users stranded

November 12th, 2017
The only road that connects Nigeria to Cameroon through Cross River State is in ...


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Health / Medical

Uganda Confirms 1 Death
KAMPALA — Uganda’s ministry of health confirmed Thursday that one person has died of Marburg hemorrhagic fever, a close relative of the Ebola virus.
20 Oct 2017
Urgent Action Under Way
An emergency vaccination campaign is getting under way in northeastern Nigeria to prevent a deadly cholera outbreak from spreading to other
19 Sep 2017
Cholera Outbreak
ONDON —  At least 1.4 million people uprooted by Boko Haram's insurgency in northeast Nigeria are living in 'cholera hotspots,' prey to an
08 Sep 2017
The Minister of Public Health has appointed Jean II  Dissongo Regional Delegate of Public Health for Littoral, barely 19 months after his sacking.The
06 Sep 2017
Scientific breakthrough
A landmark drug study has opened up a potent way to lower the risk of heart attacks — beyond the now standard advice of reducing cholesterol —
28 Aug 2017
Heart Attack vs. Cardiac
What Is It?Cardiac arrest, sometimes called sudden cardiac arrest, means that your heart suddenly stops beating. This cuts off blood flow to the
24 Aug 2017

The Shame of Africa’s Political Inferiority


Let’s fess up to it! That Africa hardly wields any political significance in global politics and diplomacy is an unspoken secret. A lot of incidents happen within the African continent that is comparatively better handled elsewhere in the world. The discerning African mind has been waiting for decades, to experience moments of joy, pleasure and upliftment at one remarkable deed by African political leaders that will make it proud. Such moments have hardly ever been replicated since the wave of independence declarations from colonial intruders in Africa since the 1960s.

The hopes aroused by Kwame Nkrumah with his doctrine of Pan-Africanism, Leopold Sedar Senghor with his intellectual strain of poetic liberation verses, the passion aroused by Kenneth Kaunda with his emotional bond to the black race that dominates Africa, are today, only a far cry from all the expectations that were reposed on the future of the continent.

A continent that lived through years of supplying human slaves to the pleasure and benefit of foreign invaders has a carefully documented record of raids that were conducted on its shores by the same white-skinned invaders who chased fleeing able-bodied Black African men. Men that were captured, transported thousands of miles across the sea to be subjected to subhuman and animalistic treatment in sugarcane plantations! It is the same continent today, which unwittingly transgresses the honor of its own and willfully enslaves its people in a modern setting.

Today, the slave masters of old no longer come docking on the shores of Africa’s commercial hubs. They no longer have plantations where the Black African is deployed on the basis of classifications along the line of physical features, age and health. Today, our people run to the white man begging to be enslaved in a different manner, to afford the cost of quick wealth and the basic feeding of families at home as the case may be.

They throng like a herd of sheep, into waiting boats at the shores of North Africa running after the greener pastures that Europe imaginarily portends. They die in their hundreds in the middle of the sea traveling on ramshackle vessels provided by profit-hungry monsters, who rip the last bucks off the desperate sojourners hoping to replenish their purses when the promised land is reached.

Then you ask yourself: “Do they have governments in Africa at all?” The massive drift of Africans in recent years and months would have long been sufficient reasons, to prompt a call for action by a joint forum of political leaders in any frantic bid to address the situation or seek assistance from more influential countries. Unfortunately, this is negated like the operations of domestic gangsters across the continent, which routinely attack, rob, maim and more often than not, kill their innocent victims.

The latest count of Black African victims, who sought to cross the Mediterranean to access Europe in search of affluence and improved living standard, stands at 800 dead Africans on one single day. Hundreds of Africans rescued on make-shift death-trap boats provided by organized smugglers are not uncommon news any longer. Hundreds dying over several days and weeks do not shock the mind any longer, which attaches importance to the sanctity of human life.

Yet 800 deaths in one single day were enough to unsettle the European mind and warrant emergency summits of responsible leaders to find solutions. Not in Africa.

Some African leaders took a supportive stance, when the illegal overthrow and assassination of Muammar Gadhafi in Libya was the subject of international debate. No one pressed for an African solution with foreign support. Today, Gadhafi is no more. Libya is as good as non-existent as a functional state. The consequence is the aggravated loss of African lives across the desert and the Mediterranean Sea. Yet 800 deaths in one single day did not spur African leaders to action to find a lasting solution.

An African leader is on record to have hurried down to Paris to attend a summit with the French President on finding a solution to the brutal cases of insurgency in his own land while he was so indifferent to the need of visiting the scene of the mass abduction of children. The same African leader would hasten to express condolence to France at the loss of 12 individuals to terrorist attacks while scores were killed daily in his own country in the hands of terrorists, without a care in the world where and how it happens.

Today, tomorrow or the next day, a number of foreigners are due for execution by firing squad in Indonesia after being found guilty of drug smuggling. The foreigners include Africans, Australians and French citizens. For months now, Australia has been fuming and rampaging like an elephant in a china shop protesting the imminent execution of its just 2 citizens with threats of ‘dire consequences’. The French engaged in quiet diplomacy threatening ‘dire consequences’ as well if its citizens were executed. Yet several Africans have been executed in Indonesia several times before without any African country raising any of its most feeble voices in earnest protest.

All over the world except in Black Africa, dictators who refuse to embrace democracy as a viable system of government run their country, with a tremendous sense of welfarism. The absence of democratic institutions, which stall processes and the absence of the rule of law is often exploited to uplift standards in the country to the benefit of the citizens. We remember Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gadhafi, governments in China, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirate etc. The alleged quest to install democracy ended up destroying landmark achievements in Iraq. The same is true of Libya.

China, Saudi Arabia and many other examples uplifted their individual countries by taking advantage of easy but oppressive dictatorial leadership. Yet in Africa with the highest record of dictatorships over several decades, poverty, infrastructural decay and corrupt enrichment are the norm not the exception. Indeed, there are no exceptions.

Then you ask yourself: “Do they have governments in Africa at all?” The same Africa that inspired hope when educated and intelligent minds swore that they could manage their own affairs and forced independence from colonialists! Expectations were high. Unfortunately, intolerance, immaturity and greed often led to chains of civil war across the continent with no hope of redemption. Over 50 years since the wave of independence across Africa, what is left to write about when talking of Africa south of the Sahara?

The latest low is brother-against-brother. It is black men spilling the blood of fellow black men in the most barbaric spate of primitivity ever imagined.

The dust has hardly settled on South Africans with their recent history of oppression in the hands of white minority rulers, who Shaka the king of the Zulus allowed a free hand in settling in prized territories across the Transkei, Natal and Zululand. The pains of Apartheid were suffered not too long ago. Hungry black boys in search of quick bucks often collaborated with the white racists and served as informants spying on the resistance movement. Any such informant caught was subjected to necklacing – the binding of a vehicle tire around the neck and setting ablaze of the informant to die in pain and agony.

No one cried out against this practice at the time. No one spoke up. The pain of Apartheid suffered by the black man was just too immense that we all thought such informants deserved their plight. Using this same infamous method as a tool of barbaric expression of hate is beyond any scientific expression.

It is true that the unusually massive presence of foreigners in a single country bears a huge potential for provoking resentment and violence by the indigenes. Scientific studies in different climes have uncovered the sense of insecurity felt by indigenes and how easily foreign elements can be the scapegoat in the society as ready excuses for the failure of governance. It is also true that the presence of a huge number of foreigners like Nigerians from a specific social stratum will most likely boost the spate of crime as is evidenced by many countries including European nations that are able to cushion such a hike. Drug-peddling as in Indonesia and the marketing of prostitutes in addition to fraud (the so-called 419 activities) are typical examples. In spite of all these though, it is also true that home-grown crime in South Africa is not of an insignificant dimension.

While rational understanding can be invoked for the reasoning of South Africans over the influx of so many foreigners into a country with such a huge problem of its own, it is impossible to comprehend the repugnant act of stoning and burning to death of a fellow man. “Ghana must go” is a sentiment that is not foreign to Nigerians. Yet, no Nigerian dreamt any idea of killing Ghanaians simply because they came as guests to earn a better living standard. It is simply as barbaric as it is crude primitivity at its very peak.

Yet, you do not hear African leaders calling for or summoning any emergency session of the African Union. It does not seem to matter to them. If such an incident were witnessed in any European country, the continent would be boiling with a flurry of political activities. If Africans were slaughtered this way in any other continent with the authorities tacitly or openly collaborating, some African countries would have summoned an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council. But an emergency session of the African Union is not deemed worthy of summoning. No collective cry of anger.

Is this Africa of Kwame Nkrumah’s dreams? Is this political inferiority what African brains bargained for in the struggle for independence? Where is hope and how long more shall it take for the ultimate spark of positive development to erupt and pick steam?

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2018 world cup:
The indomitable Lions will not benefit from the sum of 8.4 billion Fcfa, which they would have been offered if they qualified for the upcoming
14 Nov 2017
Football-Russia 2018:
The final round of World Cup qualifying is taking place, and 27 countries are already assured of their places alongside hosts Russia at next summer's
13 Nov 2017
World cup qualifiers:
Cameroon's last match of the Russian world cup qualifiers against Zambia has ended in a draw. {loadposition myposition}   The lions found
11 Nov 2017
World cup qualifier
The Cameroonian professional who plays in Henan Jianye, China, will miss the lions’ encounter against Zambia on Saturday 11 November 2017.
09 Nov 2017
Anglophone clubs boated
The woes of Anglophones in Cameroon were further compounded over the weekend, when two of their soccer flag bearers in the 2017 Cup of Cameroon semi
07 Nov 2017
Football-Cameroon cup:
The two teams to play the final of the 57th edition of the Cameroon cup are known. New stars of Douala, shall meet with UMS of Loum in the final,
06 Nov 2017


A simple definition of justice is "fairness in the way people are treated." Justice is fundamental to the world. That is why in truly democratic
09 Oct 2017
All Church Services In
All church services in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon have been moved from Sunday, October 1, 2017, to Sarturday, September 30,
25 Sep 2017
Bishop Benoit Balla:
Pascal Boade, who served in the Bafia Diocese as a technician and driver, is reported to have died mysteriously three months after the disappearance
14 Sep 2017
Bishop Benoit Balla:
A local private radio station, Radio Balafon based in the Litoral Region, reported an incident which occurred on Monday 28 August. It is about traces
29 Aug 2017
Anglophone Crisis May
 A renowned Pentecostal Man of God, Archbishop Godfred Anyere Tarh, has warned President Paul Biya and his cronies to hold inclusive dialogue with
28 Aug 2017
Cameroon: PCC moderator
To all the Presbyterial Secretaries          -Presbyterial Treasurers          -Pastors          -Principals          -Managers of Schools         
23 Aug 2017

Business / Economy

The High Commissioner of #Canada to #Cameroon, H.E. Richard Bale joined Mr. Henri Eyebe Ayissi, Minister of State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure
14 Aug 2020
Africa Food Manufacture
(Business in Cameroon) - On July 30, 2020, Africa Food Manufacture (AFM), which produces Broli-branded pasta, signed an investment agreement with
09 Aug 2020
Cameroonian insurance
(Business in Cameroon) - Cameroonian insurance company Chanas Assurances, majority-owned by National Hydrocaborns company SNH, informs that it
09 Aug 2020
Cameroon receives FCFA
The European Union has reportedly reached a two-year deal with Cameroon. The EU will grant Cameroon about FCFA 63 billion. {loadposition
11 Nov 2017
Vodafone calls off
In a press release made public today, the telecom company states that it is no longer commercially viable to resume activities in Cameroon. It
10 Nov 2017
Cameroon: 'Gold
There are unconfirmed reports that say gold has been discovered in a  locality called Song Matip near Eseka in the Centre region.Eseka is that famous
04 Nov 2017

Daily / Newsbrief

Civil war meets
Just as it is our moral duty to join the global collaborative efforts to eradicate COVID-19, it is also our moral duty to ensure our fellow human
14 Aug 2020
Cameroun soldiers shot
Soldiers loyal to LR's dictator, Mr. Biya just shot at a boat driver in Nsanakang village in Eyumojock Sub-division, Manyu Division. National
14 Nov 2017
Anglophone crisis: One
At least one civilian has reportedly died in Muyuka in the South West region  following violent confrontations with forces of La Republique.The
13 Nov 2017
Cameroon: Presidential
A man named Akono Christian, has poured boiled water on her girlfriend, who went to visit him. {loadposition myposition}   Unfortunate Tchana
11 Nov 2017
Cameroon:Detained for
Accused of involvement in the murder of the son of Rear Admiral Joseph Fouda(special adviser of President Paul Biya), Michael Feumba claims innocence
10 Nov 2017
Lady shot dead in
A young lady who was injured in an attack in the North West region of Cameroon on Tuesday night breaking Wednesday has finally passed on.Janet
09 Nov 2017


P Square breaks up
Reports going round suggest Nigerian duo P Square have split up after a misunderstanding . Peter and Paul Okoye, twin brothers, have reportedly gone
27 September 2017
Coming Soon: Rigobert
Reports say a documentary on the life of the former captain of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon will be presented at the Ecrans noirs film festival
15 July 2017
False news: Don Moen
The American gospel singer has tweeted after he was reported to be dead by a certain website, on Wednesday 12 July 2017.
13 July 2017
Douala: SDO bans Maahlox
The SDO for Douala 5, Tchakui Nounde Jean Marie, has signed a release banning the controversial Cameroonian musician, Maahlox le vibeur from holding
01 July 2017
Yaounde: Malhox
Cameroonian rapper Mahlox, who is popularly known for his song "ça sort comme ça sort", was reportedly agressed yestersay June 17. He had gone to
18 June 2017
Cameroonian musician
A young Cameroonian singer is currently under intensive medical care in Yaoundé after narrowly escaping death in a rather shocking car accident.
10 June 2017

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