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Will self determination for Southern Cameroon bring everlasting peace?

The fight for secession or the right to self determination for Southern Cameroon is logically dubious and empirically flawed. Along ethic fractionalized lines, unity is hardly guaranteed in Africa in particular, especially for countries that have inherently strong cultures. The Anglophone problem face two major challenges with one being most dominant:

1. Marginalization by French-speaking Cameroon (external problem)
2. Masked unsolved grievances or tense "unity" between Southwest and Northwest citizens (internal problem).

There is no guarantee that even if Southern Cameroon gains independence today from "La Republique du Cameroon," as SCNC calls it, they will live in peace unity. The peace will be as negative as what we experience under the current political dispensation. The new Southern Cameroon could most likely fight for another break up between themselves. Hate speeches flare for any honest observer who has lived in any of the two Anglophone communities. We call ourselves "came no go" and even call the Bamilike community as the "11 province." Why so much hate?


Even after the rift between E.M.L Endeley and John Foncha in the 1960s, no one has ever pacified issues to solve our grievances before seeking a dubious secession. He who goes to equity, goes with clean hands. Our hands are messy.

South Sudan should tell us better that self determination in Africa does not bring peace.

Cameroon and Vanuatu are the most fractionalized countries in the world with the most languages. What we can do best should be to live in a federation like the Nigerians do. However, only high-level dialogue, understanding and empathy in the presence of a UN body will bring us to that point.


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