Labour Day in Yaounde: Companies hire ghost employees to march

As people, organizations, enterprises and trade unions celcbrate the 31st Edtion of the International  Labour Day, some persons have been hired to march for centain groups in a bit to inflate the team. After attempting several failed interviews with some persons in working uniforms, we discovered that some of the people had been paid to march as if they were workers of the company in question.
“I don’t have any idea; I know nothing about the company. You can ask that man….” said a certain young man in his early twenties. The humble-looking boy wore a pair black trousers and a T-shirt name of the company inscribed in white.
When asked about his perception of the working atmosphere in his company, he declared sincerely that he knew nothing about the life of the enterprise. We repeated the question several times in different ways but he did not change his answer. Instead, he pointed at a man whom he thought could shed enough light on questions.

That sent us wondering, forcing us to enquire if he had been in the company for a while already, yet he smiled and told us he was new, as if to tell us that we were already going too far with the questions.

This confirms the rumours that always go round during every Labour Day march past, that companies hire non-employees to inflate their teams.

This usually masks the real face of unemployment in the nation, demonstrating the prevalence of corruption at every level in our country.

We also asked some questions to several other presumed employees on queues, but most of them declined to talk. While some attributed it to the heat of the sun, some just seemed to not know what to say, probably because they were not real employees or simply because they did not feel comfortable expressing themselves before strangers.

The march past took place at the 20th May Boulevard in Yaounde.


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